Mildreth Of The Night
Tales of an agoraphobic bookworm vampire
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Bookstore owner Mildreth Vincent is a true bibliophile. She desperately wants to read as many books as possible. So much so that she hates sleep, hasn't left her store/apartment in years, and wants to live for as long as possible. When she meets a mysterious stranger, she senses an opportunity...and becomes a vampire! Will immortality give Mildreth a chance to finally read all the books...or will it just suck?


Alvery Nerveaux's Secret Case Files Creator/writer of Alvery Nerveaux's Secret Case Files and Mildreth of the Night.

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Why is the established vampire frightened by blood?
Ah, nothing beats a good read like LEO'S TOY STORY by Warren Peace. Oops, wrong book, lol.

Sorry I can't login and leave a comment anymore; I've been banned.
Well I was a little older then 5 but from the shows I watched and my lack of control sometimes things would still have broken
Ah, a worthy endeavor, but that way leads to becoming one of THOSE vampires. You don't want to develop a drinking problem, so to speak!
I like it. Somewhere close to the hours: Sunday: Closed. Monday-Saturday: When I feel like it, which usually isn't that often.