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Space, love, and a whole lot of action.
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As Luzio and his first mate Sage travel the galaxy helping those in need, they seek answers about the mysterious, ever-looming presence of an evil scientist from Sage’s past. With the help of some friends along the way, they discover there’s a lot more to the story than they thought…

PG-13, LGBT themes


My name is Deo and I am 22 years old and have been making comics since 2017. I'm also a student and illustrator!

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you and everyone else..!
I think he was kinda hoping Blaire would just do it and it'd be done but yeah this isn't his best moment.
I'm like:

Yeah it's kinda wild to be gallivanting all about to save Kessiah's planet without telling the crew what they're doing lol.

That's like being the driver on a road trip and making it your personal mission to visit a crab restaurant in every state of the union without telling any of the passengers, not even your SO. Like I don't think they'll be mad, but I assume they'll figure out eventually so why keep it a secret?
he keeps the secrets in his hair, letting it down lets him share them... I’ve connected the dots.
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