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Comic profile: Millennium
Space, love, and a whole lot of action.
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Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday, 6:43 PM
Number of comics: 80
Number of subscribers: 29
Visitors: 4574 visitors (19688 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (69 votes)

Comic description

PG-13, Millennium follows Luzio and his first mate Sage as they travel the galaxy. They work to gather a crew for the dangerous situations they end up in, where they are constantly thwarted by a mysterious scientist from Sage’s past. This comic explores LGBT themes.


I am 20 years old and just getting into writing comics! I'm an online student, so I have some extra time.

Most recent comments left on Millennium

Siren (Guest)
2 days ago
Umm... Sorry, Sage, but Luzio is definitely jumping to conclusions.

Not that I'd trust these people after getting tricked into arena combat and then locked up... Although, I'm rooting for Stitch to get a girlfriend so hopefully these people are friendly.
Left on Chapter three, page 17
4 days ago
You really notice a lot of things that I didn't expect people to be picking up on! its a little surprising every time, honestly.
And thank you for letting me know about the missing image, I must have accidentally deleted it off of my imgur! When I'm coding things I end up with a lot of repeat/resized images and then mass delete them to leave only what I used, I probably wound up deleting the wrong ones. Took a little while to get to cause I was out of town this weekend. Thank you so much
Left on Chapter three, page 16
One week ago
Wow, Sage sure has some impressive growth powers! I just hope the queewn doesn't let him "repair" the entire harvest... who knows how many square meters that is for the entire group.
And poor Sage, I guess this work triggered some unpleasent memories. It makes me wonder even more under what circumstances he and Luzio met... and how close Sage is living on the abyss of feeling worthless?
The queen's sure interesting! Though, if she is a mind reader, as her comment suggests, she probably would have sen whatever images go through Sage's mind. And will her talent warn her ahead of time before Luzio and the rest of the crew will storm into the room?
(Oh, and on a completely unrelated note... The Index page has a missing image/error message for chapter 3. )
Left on Chapter three, page 16
9 days ago
Savage, indeed! :-D
Luzio looked royally miffed, and everyone else royally dumbfounded...
It's interesting to see how our fearless leader didn't even give his minions the time to complete the task, or ask how much longer they'd need before he felt it neccessary to sizzle away part of the building! And that snapped comment at the end... talk about strained nerves/worried a lot!
I guess that the next time Luzio issues an order, they will add some more speed to their tampering... I know I wouldn't like to be at the receiving end of such a temper.....
Left on Chapter three, page 15
6th Jun 2018
I have to say, your comments always leave me grinning! You're very analytical and you take note of lots of little things other people haven't been picking up (that I know of).
I made sage the POV character for a reason ;) he is a little TOO willing to help sometimes, though.
Left on Chapter three, page 13