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Milos from Home
A PMD Blue Rescue Team Comic
Last update: Yesterday, 5:00 PM
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
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An anxious Torchic and classically amnesiac protagonist Eevee take a shot becoming a Rescue Team. Also something's screwy with the world at large, but one step at a time.


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It's rather clear that Milo is still sort of venting out after the adrenaline rush, which doesn't mesh well with his usual blunt or forward communication. But I see this as him unwinding his own nerves, especially when in the same moment where he was unaware of still being poisoned. Sadly though, depending on how he follows this up he will probably upset Phi or Riley or both.
To be honest one could argue that your comment as as empathetic as Milo.
Still, doesn't mean it isn't true.
Milo is as blunt as a rock and just about as empathetic as one too.
Milo is being such a savage geez. Totally in character tho lol.
As a story writer gotta appreciate that.
*baps the eevee with a newspaper for 1d6=2 damage* Bad Eevee, no language around children!