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Dragons and mages and cats, Oh My!
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Three groups of four animals (one group of dragons, one group of rabbits, and one group of cats) live together in a secluded old castle somewhere in Germany.

Updates once or twice a week (subject to change)

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29th Jan 2020
And that is the end of the belated Season of Giving arc. Originally, I had in mind 5 comics, but real stuff and that happened and I didn't prepare of that stuff. So here we are.

Also I changed the speech bubbles because I don't care about anything anymore. I'm very tired.
Left on #26 - Season of Giving Part 4
1st Jan 2020
Happy 2020, everybody! The last few days have been hectic, so I've hadn't had the time to do comics. Don't worry though, I'll release the rest of the Season of Giving arc and an extra comic either during this week or next week. For now, here's a picture of Frida getting hopped up in sugar.
Left on [Artwork] Hyper 2020 Visionary Fun Thyme!
31st Dec 2019
Hah! Same thing happened to me.
Left on #24 - Season of Giving Part 2
10th Dec 2019
I'm back! And with a new way of doing speech bubbles, to boot!
Left on #21 - Drunk
3rd Nov 2019
How adorable. And I love how it's the little one who isn't afraid
Left on Happy Halloween!