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With nothing left to lose, Taylor Morgan embarks on a treacherous journey to the Center of the Universe: a place no one has ever reached or returned from. With the help of Ellenora, her closest friend, and Beatrice, an artificially intelligent robot, she hopes to explore new worlds and find deeper meaning in life.


Demidude (they / he pronouns. Oh, and dude works perfectly well too, if that wasn't obvious!) who draws a bunch of comics and stuff.


This is my safe place where I eat cookies and snuggle with my cat Findabhair.
This amazing art was done by the also amazing, Rocket Llama.


I'm also a Co-Host of these threads:

- Draw Your Characters Doing Stuff - Turbo Ultra!!!

Been doing this comic thing for a long while now. Been doing this stick figure thing for a while now. Been doing the bubble person stuff longer. What's a bubble person? I dunno.



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I really love that about Beatrice, too. And this guy is pretty cool, letting her see how the piano works and all. And telling her that she could play if she wanted.
Yeah, exactly! Not even a cute animal mascot either. For shame, Maggie.
Jaycee Storm
I absolutely love how curious and open-minded Beatrice is, and how gleefully willing this guy is to teach her how to play.
Oh please Maggie, you don't even have a robotic companion, that's like adventuring 101!
Nope, not at all. Which is kind of hilarious given her statement, but you gotta love the commitment to oneself.