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With nothing left to lose, Taylor Morgan embarks on a treacherous journey to the Center of the Universe: a place no one has ever returned from. With the help of Ellenora, her best friend, and Beatrice, an artificially intelligent robot, she hopes to explore new worlds and find deeper meaning in life.


Demidude (they / he pronouns. Oh, and dude works perfectly well too, if that wasn't obvious!) who draws a bunch of comics and stuff.

Hey, do you like when people draw you stuff?

I can draw your characters or whatever else.

Don’t be afraid to PM me if you’d like me to do that. Doesn’t cost anything. I’ll let you know if I can do it (I should be able to do it) and get on it! We can make it an art trade if that makes you more comfortable.

Been doing this comic thing for a long while now. Been doing this stick figure thing for a while now. Been doing the bubble person stuff longer. What's a bubble person? I dunno.


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Maybe some day! It would be cool. Even if it were just a couple scenes animated. Like the highlights of the story or something. But, for now, drawing the comic is enough for me!
Yeah. To literally add insult to injury.
Yep. We have officially hit the climax.
Thank you! Glad you’re feeling the tension here. I tried very hard for that feeling. And yeah, her being in color was definitely a good choice for the contrast going on here.
Nope, she did not!