Minnie and Max, Monster Girl Detectives
Magical creatures, mundane lives
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Minnie Sarnoff and Max Zieger used to be two normal(ish) girls with an interest in the arcane and few friends but each other. Then they found a group practicing actual witchcraft, and accidentally opened a portal to the other side that transformed their bodies into magical creatures. Now Minnie the giant oni and Max the miniature faerie try to determine what happened to them and how they can become human again, but they’ll have a lot of other magical mysteries to solve first....


Author of Ruby Nation, Wyrecats, Poet Kitties, and more

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Nice save, Min! Though that's gonna leave a mark.
Two killer panels here, Neil. Putting Max so close to the bottom of panel one (and making her so cute) is great.
And that half page perspective shot works beautifully.
And yeah, that picture on the wall is a hoot.
I'm liking this lighter side of Neil. This is fun stuff.
First off, Neil, sorry for posting so late. Second, I LOVE your Groovy, Kinda references!Thank you! I think Toivo Risotto sounds like a half Finnish, half Italian mobster.
Also, Harvey, listen to Josie. And give poor Min some food!
Hey hey Max, what did we say about shoes on the counter? Oh, and calling people you want to get food from "old farts?"
I love the body language and posing you did with this. Especially Min crouching behind Max. And Max's shoes. Don't know why, but those yellow boots just make the outfit.