Minnie and Max, Monster Girl Detectives
The greatest queer monster girl detective comic of 2020
Last update: 15th Feb 2021, 6:53 AM
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Minnie Sarnoff and Max Zieger used to be two normal(ish) girls with an interest in the arcane and few friends but each other. Then they found a group practicing actual witchcraft, and accidentally opened a portal to the other side that transformed their bodies into magical creatures. Now Minnie the giant oni and Max the miniature faerie try to determine what happened to them and how they can become human again, but they’ll have a lot of other magical mysteries to solve first....


Author of Ruby Nation, Wyrecats, Poet Kitties, Minnie and Max, and more

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Just tried checking on the Wyrecats pages and the domain has been parked. Just saying, because it was a good story and worth going back for a read again.
Just read your archive, very fun comic.
Great teaser and looking forward to whatever avenue you choose. Stay safe!
Valentine’s special courtesy of 3tych from slice of life webcomic True Colors

Check it out for comedy and drama in equal measure, it has my highest recommendation

More to come on the comic news front soon...
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