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We all used to be humans here...but they just don't remember it. - Bjorn
Last update: 6th Nov 2022, 3:37 AM
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Angiris is a 13 year-old girl from Cloveridge City.
One day, on her way home from school a strange looking creature kidnapped her and took her to another dimension.
A curse was set upon Miraclewish a long time ago. And Angiris was told to be 'the chosen' and that she had to find the way to break the curse to free the people living in there.
"We all used to be humans here...but they just don't remember it." - Bjorn


...Need more coffee!
Hey, I make Art and Games sometimes~ I love RPG games, sweets and animals! I draw since very little and have always enjoyed coming up with fantastic stories and new characters!

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So...here's next episode! Sorry it's a short one...life's been busy but i wanted to still make an update so... yeah!
Author Note
So...I know i've missed a couple updates...! The truth is i've been feeling a bit sick and was also really busy with college and some recent life events. But anyways, this is one of the surprises i've been talking about! AND it's not JUST a collab, it will make sense in a couple episodes later as well! ~Please check out these amazing creators that made this possible and thank you for the support~
Author Note
Some illustration I did a while ago, for a collab with other creators~
Features Angiris (left) and Bjorn (right)!
Author Note
Ohh...is that...COLOR!? hehe
Author Note
No time to explain.

Just take the magic key, ok?

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