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This comic ran it's first iteration from May 8th 2016-July 16th 2017, and was roughly 120 pages in length. It's second from January 12th 2018-August 20th 2019, and was 64 pages in length. It will be resumed this Halloween :)

2018 description:
Dawn lives a completely normal life (well, not really) with her boyfriend, (COUGH COUGH I MEANT BEST FRIEND) Apple. Who may or may not be her brother. You're never really sure in the Eevee house. Dawn is not allowed out of certain boundaries of the House, limiting her freedom. Both Dawn and Apple sneak out together, and encounter a gang of homeless juveniles, lead by Litten named Firestorm. As Dawn’s resentment towards her situation grows, so does her rebelliousness, to the point where she finds herself in a situation she cannot explain. Now Dawn’s on the run due to a crime she doesn’t remember committing, taken in by the gang. She meets new friends, but as the mysterious force gains more and more control over her, she has to find a way to get rid of it, before she ends up hurting her friends and family subconsciously.

Updates will be once a day until I run out of pages, then will update once a week.


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Silver Eevee
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