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Elowen finds herself trying to navigate through a strange place filled with strange people with no memory of how she got there or of what she is supposed to be doing.


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Patmoose (Guest)
1st May 2018
That was beautiful!
Left on Page 111 - The End
Patmoose (Guest)
1st May 2018
Peace would be very tempting, especially if you couldn't remember your friends and family.
Left on Page 107
Patmoose (Guest)
1st May 2018
He's acting shady, his eyes look shady, and he even put that flower crown on her head all shady-like. I got my eyes on you, Walker. -_-
Left on Page 073
Patmoose (Guest)
1st May 2018
Gurl, he gave up eating cake for you. Marry him.
Left on Page 035
Patmoose (Guest)
1st May 2018
"Oh Snap! Oh Crap!"
I wasn't expecting that! (And neither was she, haha) That's pretty cool!
Left on Page 030