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Sergei does not need all of this piling onto him: schoolwork, stress, his father's dismissive nature, magic and danger. But he's going to have to face it anyway.


Hello, I am Trad, who pursued a History degree and is working on pursuing yet another History degree.


Current Project: Two Names One Life.

Am I really that interesting?

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Yeah, I'm officiating this hiatus. Apologies if you waited for the next page for so long only for this to go up.

Catch me at Pros Edra!
Author Note
It fits! The unit circle is used to teach trigonometric functions but for some reason teachers often make it sound unrelated and confusing... Ah well.

Hah! You tell me! That is why I get Sergei honestly and why he is my boy :>
I look at that face when I am troubled or picture it. He needs to give Jed a little more credit :)
Still. He looks totally depressed. More than silly...
I don't, I just left it there because it was flitting around in my head. And also maths. Or something.

Sergei is just being VERY silly about the entire thing (personal experience though radically different circumstances), and I actually meant to show Jed accidentally hitting the huge guy and said huge guy not taking it very kindly. But that works too :D!
I am surprised you remember the unit circle. Eff that thing. At first at least because sometimes not even teachers can explain how the hell you read it! More annoying than hard...

That smiley is really cool :D

Sergei D: HUG
If Jed cannot help it then this is serious. Easier said than done but they should sit down again and Sergei should talk but it is hard to tell whether he is simply depressed, thinks Jed would not believe him or just wants him safe from his crap. Hm.

How do you mistake that large guy for Sergei though...
Good lord Sergei, he just couldn't resist but ask!
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