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MMMMM, Baby!
The adventures of Maybeline Muriel Millicent Myrtle Meekley, the merc with a manual typewriter
Last update: 5th Nov 2020, 9:02 AM
Violent Content Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
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Mabelline Muriel Millicent Myrtle Meekley, better known as MMMMM, has sworn a vow of silence until her parents' murder is avenged. She's working her way up to their killer, billionaire software developer Will Yates, but has to take a few odd jobs - and face some even odder opponents - along the way. Join the Administrative Assassin as she uses her giant letter opener katanas, types terse memos for her victims, and generally parties like it's 1985.


Alvery Nerveaux's Secret Case Files Creator/writer of Alvery Nerveaux's Secret Case Files.

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Hello, and welcome to the "soft" opening of our new comic, MMMMM, Baby! It's a spinoff of my other comic, Alvery Nerveaux's Secret Case Files.

For those of you who many not know the tale of Mabelline Muriel Millicent Myrtle Meekley, you can get up to speed by reading her Tragic Backstory.

This comic is a bit darker and more "adult" than Alvery's, so be aware. It's still kind of silly, though...after all, how many luddite ninja typist/assassins have you ever met? Anyway, Escha and I hope you'll enjoy the story, and come back in December for the true kickoff, when the site looks more presentable.

Get ready for more crazy fun with MMMMM facing the evil software developer Will Yates, his loyal secretary Ms. Noreen Thrope, rival assassin Annabelle K. Arquist, and many more odd characters.
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