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Four very different heroes start a chain of events that will define their world forever.
A redux of the comic Mobius Adventures from 2006, featuring reinvented versions of the main cast in a new story.

Temporarily updating every 2-3 weeks on Sunday evenings.


Y hulo thar, I'm Gojitaka and welcome to my comic archives!
I was heavily active in sprite comics/animations from 2005-2010 on the comic website Necropolis Zone. I have continued to create new content over the past decade on a sporadic basis, my most active years being 2014, 2016, and my most recent run being 2019 to present.

Check back for updates as they come! Thanks for stopping by!

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Author Note
Author Note
Thank you very much!
Going on a slowdown for the rest of the summer, my work picked up quickly and I have less time for content production. New issue every other Friday up to September, when I hope to return to 4 issues a week.
Stay tuned!
You taking a break? Or are you uploading in batches?

The comics been great so far!