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Not Mafia
Content flags: Violent Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Cube
Activity status: Active
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Comic description

are you readdy...?.?


Someday I'll put effort into things and rejoin the Fury

into the fire we go

taking nothing but what we know

slurp the soup

deep-fry the group

pretend that you're something you never were not


pernicious palabra

biffboff spits on your appetizers

Xeno:The inktopus, or desert octopus, is an interesting creature which displays remarkable adaptations compared to its aquatic kin. The inktopus is usually found lurking underground in cool burrows lubricated with its own ink. Highly secretive, it leaves only to break into cacti for water or cactus fruits (the inktopus is strictly vegetarian). Perhaps its most peculiar adaptation is a low-level psychic emenation of unknown origin and purpose that compels sapient creatures, including the inktopus itself, to pun extensively based on its name.


Zanreo "Zan" Sauce - Founder, CEO and president of Whoopshoop Lazers.
I sell lasers for all your laser needs.

I also draw game companies

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