Moby Dick (or, the Webcomic)
A webcomic adaptation of Moby Dick. Updates Fridays!
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a small story about thirty sailors, one ship, two lovers, a captain, a coffin, an ivory leg, and a white whale with a crooked jaw.


A confused physics major and your friendly neighborhood space nerd. I do art and cry about classic lit sometimes!

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I think a stronger focus on romance plays well with the new medium! You can show intimacy in one drawing in a way that would take many words to convey.
Thank you so much for these lovely previews -- so excited for the next chapter! (Two words: Starbuck's. Freckles.)
Hello! Sorry to be a day late on this week’s update; I honestly just had the week completely get away from me and didn’t realize till yesterday. I hope the small page previews makes up for it!
And that about wraps up what I’d got for the questions; there’ll be some mode bonus content/maybe minicomics in the weeks to come!
Author Note
Thank you for asking!
And god, yeah, Trauma Is A Bitch
Great answers; thank you so much!
Poor Starbuck - watching Ahab be taken over by trauma and obsession can't have been much less horrible than BEING Ahab feeling his original personality being swamped and drowned.