Moby Dick (or, the Webcomic)
A webcomic adaptation of Moby Dick. Updates Fridays!
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a small story about thirty sailors, one ship, two lovers, a captain, a coffin, an ivory leg, and a white whale with a crooked jaw.


A confused physics major and your friendly neighborhood space nerd. I do art and cry about classic lit sometimes!

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😭 Thank you so much for this. Also, your graduation cap is GORGEOUS and I had the same rainbow tassel on mine! 😁 Congratulations and well done on graduating, and I just want to thank you again for creating this labor of love with this comic, it truly is spectacular and I'm so glad I discovered it. This is precisely the adaptation of Moby Dick that the world needs, and I'm so grateful to you for bringing it into existence. ❤︎
That's a beautiful summer feeling...
Happy 203rd birthday Herman Melville! Fun fact: I have decided with no evidence whatsoever that Melville’s birthday is also Ishmael’s birthday, because of how much the line between them is very blurred and Ishmael is a good 65% Melville’s self insert. Fun fact number 2: I painted this quote on my graduation cap.
Fun fact number 3: Moby Dick: or, the Webcomic will be returning on Friday, August 26th!! Thank you all so much for your patience as I get my life together. Chapter 2 is really a fun one and I’m genuinely excited for y’all to see the rest of it.
Happy sailing friends.
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yeah that's pretty much exactly the vibe
indeed it does