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Reina gets lost in the woods one day and finds a new friend, and a new world.
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A girl named Reina gets lost in the woods one day and finds a new friend amongst the trees. As this strange friendship grows, adventures ensue and a murky past is unveiled.


Getting back into the comic swing of things after a ~12 year hiatus!

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She just wants to get all the hot deets about her wild night out in secret! Cmoooooon...
Author Note
BACKGROUNDS! Who likes to draw them??? (Not me!) Who doesn't enjoy having to figure out what GOES back there! (also meee!) Gets the point across well enough, hopefully!

Also, Caroline (the friend, realizing I don't mention her name for a few pages...oof)) is a true spunky sassy friend and I love her for it.
Author Note
CLASSIC shoujo manga start, amirite? (only I guess late for school vs late for work)

Also, pardon the lack of original bgs and the lack of perspective understanding. Let's call it...artistic liberty!

Artistic liberty can also explain the wide variation in drawing styles page to page and panel to panel ;)
Author Note
Who/what is that mysterious figure? We'll have to wait and find out!

Ahhhh we've made it through another chapter! WITHIN THE SAME YEAR! I deserve some sort of award ;)

In any case, thanks again to those who've stuck with me all these years, and a thank you to those of you who've recently started reading! It's been really fun getting back into this story again.
Author Note
Slowing down the production speed on these last few pages...seems the art quality may have slightly suffered as well...apologies for any (extra!) proportion/consistency weirdness!
Author Note