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A human girl gets lost in the woods one night, stumbles into a fantasy world, and meets a fox daemon with a murky past.
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A girl named Reina gets lost in the woods one night, trips into a parallel world, and encounters a daemon among the trees. As their strange friendship grows, adventures ensue, alliances are forged, and a troubling past some would prefer stay secret is forced to the surface.


Getting back into the comic swing of things after a ~12 year hiatus!

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I'm sure a lot of OTHER things happen in that world, but for fairly understandable reasons Reina seems pretty fixated on the whole, there-are-creatures-that-eat-humans-and-other-human-sized-beings thing...
Author Note
And we're back to the human world! I'm assuming Lin might be better at spotting any suspicious-looking creatures who may or may not be lurking around, so this is probably a good call, Reina.
Author Note
Onward and...through-ward? Back to planet Earth!

(and yes, if we hadn't begun already, we are certainly beginning the phase of Lin-is-gonna-look-different-in-every-panel-because-drawing-characters-consistently-or at least, at this stage in the chapter-is-not-my-forte!)
Author Note
WE ARE BACK BAYBEEEE! Thank you for your immense patience as I tried to re-build my page buffer while simultaneously getting used to a new (non-remote) full-time job, longer hours in said job, travel for said job, miscellaneous other life stressors, etc. Still don't have quite the page buffer I once did, but hopefully should be in a good page-making rhythm/keep myself decently ahead for the time being!

Now, back to my ever sassy commentary: oooh dappled light effect! Will I ever use it again on future pages?...ehh. Debated taking it out for that reason but y'know what, it kinda looks nice, so why not keep it in. JUST this once ;)

Ha, Kitsati is so eager to be done with all of this...
Author Note
Thank you so much! And yay team Lin! (a good team to be on, I think :) )