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Webcomic profile: End Times
End Times
The Chronicles of Mono Jubei, or
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Content flags: Violent ContentSexual ContentStrong Language
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 1st Jun 2018, 10:09 PM
Number of comics: 171
Number of subscribers: 7
Visitors: 22033 visitors (93471 pages viewed)
Rating: 2.06 (17 votes)

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From The #1 Bestselling Kindle Manga Amazon Ebook Franchise in 2013, the End Times manga-comic remains one of the most popular comics series and stories of the early 21st Century,

End Times: 2004 - 2018+

Offline: 2004 - 2006
Online: 2007 - 2018

Published on Webcomics Nation (2007 - 2013)
& Comic Fury (2014 - 2018+)

Created, Written, and Illustrated
by Author J.M. Matthews

NEWS: I am retiring my ComicFury Account. Please look for me othersites. Perhaps WebToons or DrunkDuck...Sometime later in 2018...


JM Matthews
JM Matthews
J.M. Matthews is a North American independent manga-ka and comic book cartoonist, compared to such authors as ONE, JRR Tolkien, H.P. Lovecraft, and Kentaro Miura, J.M. Matthews is most widely known for his End Times comic book and webcomics series. A series of webcomics that currently ranks higher in webratings on the Webcomics List ( than both Megatokyo and Calvin and Hobbes currently.

J.M. lives in the United States.

He is the author of 20 books

Published As J.M. Matthews

End Times: The Anthology
Art: Manifested: The Art of J.M. Matthews
MONO: The Illustrated Prose Anthology Megamix
Essays: A Series of Philosophical Contemplations
End TImes: Manga-Comics Sketchbook
Words: Volume 1
J.M. Matthews Twournal (Book of Tweets)
End Times (One Shot Comic Book)
The Production Design of J.M. Matthews
Stories & Comics: A Science-Fantasy Anthology

Published As Joseph M. Alberts

Journals Volume I
Journals Volume II
Journals Volume III
Journals Volume IV
Journals Volume V
Manifesto, Volume I
Manifesto, Volume II
Blog Book, Year 1, Volume 1
Stories: A Novella
End Times: Blaque As Hell

NEWS: I am retiring my ComicFury Account. Please look for me othersites. Perhaps WebToons or DrunkDuck...Sometime later in 2018...

Most recent comments left on End Times

JM Matthews
1st Jun 2018
JM Matthews
First New Page of 2018. Expect More in the future...
Panels and Inks have gone digital.

I recently moved to a new house in a different city.

So if this page still feels like a typical page on the surface and it's business as usual with the art, Good, I've done my job.

NEWS: I am retiring my ComicFury Account. Please look for me othersites. Perhaps WebToons or DrunkDuck
Left on First New Page of 2018
JM Matthews
26th May 2018
JM Matthews
Uh, hi folks. Good to see you again. I recently moved into my own house, once I got settled, I thought "Hmm. Maybe I should get back to drawing regularly now that I can think again. So I did.

Brand new, hot off the presses.
Left on Right Here, Thanks
JM Matthews
13th May 2018
JM Matthews
Revising an old white page panel
Left on Panel - Inks
JM Matthews
11th Jan 2018
JM Matthews
Brand Spankin New Character of End Times.

And I do ephasize the spanking.

Agent Watters has Double D breasts and a genius for solving unsolvable crimes and bringing fugitives to justice.

Guess which one people talk about more.
Left on Character Design - New Design 2018, Agent Ashley Watters
JM Matthews
6th Jan 2018
JM Matthews
Art Copyright (c) Moi, J.M. Matthews.
Lovely colors by lovely colorist: Stonergoth.

Things often look slicker in color, as I quickly discovered.

I'm a terrible photoshop painter.
Stonergoth is not a bad painter, she is quite good!
Left on Colorist Auditions! Pg, 2