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Comic profile: Not-So End Times
Not-So End Times
The Chronicles of Mono Jubei, or "The Nameless Unknown Hero"
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Comic language: English
Genre: Drama
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 9 days ago, 7:14 PM
Number of comics: 196
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Rating: 2.05 (20 votes)

Comic description

From The #1 Bestselling Kindle Manga Amazon Ebook in 2013, the End Times Saga Webcomic Continues,

Created, Written, and Illustrated
by Author J.M. Matthews

If you like comics like the original One-Punch Man webcomic, by the cartoonist ONE, you might like the End Times sketch and thumbnail page style, too.


JM Matthews
JM Matthews
J.M. Matthews is a filmmaker, musician, author, cartoonist, and writer.

HE is currently hard at work on his first Bandes Dessinee, Lee Wonders: Psychic Detective, with established French bandes dessinee illustrateur Pierre-Yves Cezard

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JM Matthews
9 days ago
JM Matthews
My mother passed away exactly a month ago...
Left on Hiro Miyamoto
JM Matthews
11 days ago
JM Matthews
The New Protagonist of End Times 2

Hitori Miyamoto.

Hitori is also named after a Samurai.

In 1 I picked Yagyu Jubei
In 2 I'm picking Miyamoto Musashi. The Second Best Samurai in the World.

This new series will probably be just as good, but just different in some ways. Certain other things and characters will stay the same.
Left on End Times - The Revamp - Hitori Miyamoto
JM Matthews
Two weeks ago
JM Matthews
I know people seem to be calling these updates a "reboot" oddly enough because a lot of people just assumed I finished End Times because I wasn't uploading any new pages.

Nope. No manga reboot going on. End Times is NEVER finished. I'm just picking up where I left off...

From My Blog:

End Times Production Process

There is a lot involved. Even if I'm only one person.

End Times is now a Business for me. And that Business has a production-preproduction and publishing-distribution process. A very convoluted one. But I didn't initially plan my production and distribution process to be so convoluted and complex.



Brainstorming, Daydreaming, Plots, Stories, Concept, Cartoon Scripts, Story Arcs

Concept Art, Concept Character Design, Production Design, World Building, Sketching out the Art, Comics Page Drafting, Pencilling, Inking, Ink Sketching, Digital Silhouettes. Compositions of Comics Pages, Lettering and speech bubbles.

Scanning, File Management, Browsing, Uploading, Upload Naming and Description Writing, Fanbase, Responding to Fans, Deviant Art, Comic Fury. Blogger, Twitter, Promotional PR Tweets, Tweeting Uploads and Updates.

Lulu, Amazon, Kindle, Uploading, Dashboard on Publishing Sites, Marketing, Profits, Publishing Houses, International Editions, Advertising, Budgets, Twitter,
Left on Page Thumbs - Pg. 1.8
JM Matthews
Two weeks ago
JM Matthews
Left on New Manga Portrait
JM Matthews
21st Jan 2018
JM Matthews
"I read the following speech at Peggy's funeral"
About Peggy,

Peggy, my mother.
had both a beautiful soul and a beautiful face. She always nurtured, supported, encouraged, and helped comfort me in times of need. She was the perfect mother and had the perfect marriage to her husband, Cary Alberts. She had a way of putting everyone in the room at ease and making everyone feel valued and good about themselves. She had a regal quality. She had courage, strength, and grace. She was generous, selfless, caring, sensitive, responsible. She changed the lives of everyone she knew, and everyone of the people in this room gathered to pay their respects know what light, sunshine, and grace she brought into all of our lives. Peggy may have passed away, but she will remain alive and well in our hearts for the rest of our lives. I can say with confidence that none of us will forget you or your spirit Peggy. You will be sorely missed by all of us.
Left on Eulogy For My Mother, For 70 People. 1949 - 2018