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A Different Kind of Werewolf Comic
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Moonlit Brew centers around Sam and Simon, two friends who were just writing their acceptance letters for college at a local coffee shop during summer break, when a barista named Lydia walks inside. Noticing Sam looking a bit lovestruck, Simon dares him to ask her out. Little do they know, that little dare would give them a lot more than they bargained for, especially under a full moon...

The trio will face obstacles, both natural and supernatural, all while the three pursue their dreams and run a coffee shop of their own!


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I’m fine with this comic people being with characters and not tf fetish stuff. While I do like that, I do enjoy stories like the one you’re doing.
Sam, Sam, Sam.
The proper answer is "yes, I do".
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We have those foot sensor things on our car, and it never likes to work when you want it to. 8I

Art (C) AtariBetch
The Rest (C) Someone who's happy (and hoping) I might be able to finish the chapter before the year is over, pending things stay the same on Patreon. >>
Author Note
Maybe they're too busy with other stuff to notice easily... like dismantling lighting equipment, in this case. :P
I love this comic. Also how have those two not been seen by at least sam yet