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Webcomic profile: Moonlit Brew
Moonlit Brew
A Different Kind of Werewolf Comic
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Content flags: Violent Content
Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 2 days ago, 4:36 AM
Number of comics: 186
Number of subscribers: 81
Visitors: 202455 visitors (1281677 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.9 (148 votes)

Webcomic description

Moonlit Brew centers around Sam and Simon, two friends who were just writing their acceptance letters for college at a local coffee shop during summer break, when a barista named Lydia walks inside. Noticing Sam looking a bit lovestruck, Simon dares him to ask her out. Little do they know, that little dare would give them a lot more than they bargained for, especially under a full moon...

The trio will face obstacles, both natural and supernatural, all while the three pursue their dreams and run a coffee shop of their own!


Most recent comments left on Moonlit Brew

Guest (Guest)
we-rewolves seems a bit sloppy. There is heaps of space.
Left on Chapter 5 Page 4
2 days ago
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Coffee also sounds good, too!

How has everyone's Valentine's Day been? Mine was ehh; my mom's bedroom got partially flooded because of the storm we've been having, but otherwise, it was uneventful, save for the ACES drawings Jam made.

Sam knows what's up.

Art (C) Karolynerocha
The Rest (C) Someone who's now 5-ish games away from declaring the Wii U completely useless. :P
Left on Chapter 5 Page 4
3 days ago
Page 4 will be uploaded sometime tomorrow night! Just uploaded page 5 on Patreon, last night. :)
Left on Moonlit Brew: Chapter 5 Page 3
GoodMudkip (Guest)
4 days ago
Not to be rude, but we're almost halfway through February, and there haven't been any new pages yet. What's going on?
Left on Moonlit Brew: Chapter 5 Page 3
GoodMudkip (Guest)
26th Jan 2019
Full Moon Lycanthropes?
Left on Chapter 2 Page 18