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Moments of horror, disgust, and anxiety
Last update: 25th Jul 2021, 5:00 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Strong Language
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Morbid is a collection of moments you don't want. Moments that reveal things that should have been left hidden. Moments where you realize that you aren't safe. Moments you wish you could forget.

Moments that never quite go away.

Morbid is an anthology of short horror comics, made in collaboration by multiple artists. It updates whenever a new comic gets finished.


Hi! I'm Rowan. I draw and write to remain clinging to the barest edge of my emotional stability. Enjoy my stuff!

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Huh, that’s interesting.
Golden Dragon Girl
Her pregnancy test was negative, there wasn't a baby to lose or take
Golden Dragon Girl
Author Note
You lose or they took your baby?
Author Note