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Webcomic profile: Motsuro Project
Motsuro Project
My Guide to Saving the World
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Language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 4th Jun 2018, 11:06 PM
Number of comics: 134
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Webcomic description

Dakota and her friends live as fantastic superheroes - though only part of the time, as in the real world they have to deal with another type of villain: a reality that wants them dead.
Updates every Wednesday!!

Twitter: @aavalon_mao


I'm Leslie and YOU'RE watching Disney Channel

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22nd Jun 2018
The orange cat assumed that the girls were here to help, and invited them in the house. Vivian thanked her, and expressed her condolences for the cat’s loss of….whatever it is that she lost. “Same,” said Dakota.

Dakota said that the loud piercing scream reminded her of “what happened in the lobby yesterday”. Vivian, concerned asked Dakota what happened in the lobby. Dakota, scratching her head, said that she doesn’t quite remember – she wanted to, but her mind felt super muddled.

The orange cat walked over holding teacups and a teapot. She said that she made oolong tea for them, apologizing for the wait. Vivian said that she didn’t have to, and inquired about what happened.

The cat’s face darkened.

“…the night stalkers took my kitten…” she said in a low voice.
Left on oolong tea
22nd Jun 2018
The two girls trekked down a dirt road lined with traditional Chinese houses with red lanterns and pedestrian cat people watching from a distance. Vivian speculated that maybe having a plot like “solving a murder” in such an immersive environment was to make the player “addicted” to the game and eager to play more in order to solve the mystery. Vivian also notes how she likes the town down which they walked, since it looked like a place where “something would happen”. Dakota agrees.

Suddenly, the girls heard a terrifying, high-pitched scream. Immediately, they sought to find where the scream came from. They both ran down a corner, and were led to a particular house. Vivian noted that the yowls sounded like those of a crying cat. Dakota then offhandedly said “Just like you, Mimi?”

Vivian looked quizzically at Dakota, not knowing what she was talking about. A crying orange cat met them before she could ask Dakota, however.

“Please,” she said, “one of mine was just stolen!”
4th Jun 2018
Summary: 15 minutes later, the girls have ordered and the waitress came back and gave them their food and beverages. Vivian gets a gorgeous cheesecake with macarons and whipped cream, and the waitress brings breakfast food, a brownie, and other delicacies for the girls. Vivian expresses her disbelief in how fancy this café is, and takes a photo of her dessert with her phone. Kristine, already digging in, says that this is what rich, smart kids get.
Dakota leans in and admires Vivian’s cheesecake, asking what she ordered. Vivian says that she got the “Galaxy Cheesecake”, and asks Dakota if she wants any. Dakota politely declines, but then tells Vivian to watch out.
Left on photo op
The Doodler
22nd May 2018
The Doodler
A beautifully drawn princess, too!
Left on Flowing River
22nd May 2018
I'm going to try be more active on my webcomic's social media. This is the first time I've posted on facebook for a longgggg time lol


The girls walk into the café that Vivian chose; it’s brand new, extremely cute and pink, and filled with fellow schoolgirls. On the right is a bar for Boba tea, and on the right there’s a line of booths. Kristine jokes with Vivian, saying that she sure hasn’t changed – meaning that she’s loved cutesy things for a long time – and Vivian laughs self-consciously. The girls then pick a booth to sit at, and Dakota, as per usual, is preoccupied – this time about how the rest of the girls aren’t more concerned about how they can’t see Mimi but she can. A waitress comes over and passes around menus. Dakota supposes that she shouldn’t spoil the moment by bringing up the cat, and then becomes really confused about why she can’t stop thinking about what happened yesterday in the lobby.

What DID happen in the lobby…?
Left on Cute Cafe minus Cat