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Last update: 24th Mar 2015, 1:39 PM
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Mousalope (n) - A mythical animal described as a mouse with antelope horns or deer antlers. The word "Mousalope" is a portmanteau of "Mouse" and "antelope". They are often described as being rather intelligent but incredibly shy and due to their size, sightings are much rarer than those of Jackalopes (see: related species)

This comic will chronicle the adventures and misadventures of three young mousalopes that have recently moved in to the garden of a human house.


I am currently a veterinary surgeon wanting to break back in to art. I own 11 pet rats and two lurcher dogs. Mousalopes seem the most logical thing because I find them easy and fun to draw.

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It's good to let go every once in a while
Author Note
Its a helicopter! (Well at least that's what we've always called them.)

This page was cute and funny.
don't hide thing where they can be found
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is there more to that food