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Last update: 1st Oct 2009, 8:51 PM
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a photo-based webcomic about the musings and observations of twenty-something coot. new comic every monday through friday!


Robert Sifuentez
Robert Sifuentez
i'm ok i guess, if yer into that sorta thing.

i write a webcomic called "movies with robots!"

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Em Kultra
Or that his definition of pretty is magenta and magenta only.
I have disturbed the peace of my household with laughter. Far less disruptive than noisy bad-sex. And more comfortable to explain.
A related story: I had noisy-sex neighbors once. My friends and I used to play "Murder or Sex" - which is a debating game. You debate whether the noises coming through the wall are the sounds of murder or sex.
(It would have been not-very-funny-anymore if it was, in fact, murder.)

I had the horrific experience of having a guy move next door who did not believe in curtains.
He had a cheap dame that was going to school to learn how to be a stripper, and he had the sexual technique of an oil derrick.
His bedroom faced my back porch.
Many a cookout was scrubbed due to them, no one felt like eating once they started whatever it was they called it.
Robert Sifuentez
ha, indeed i shall be delicious tonight!

it was a toss up between blanket burrito and blanket avalanche. obviously i chose burrito cause of, you know, delicious factors.

and yeah, i resigned my position rather quickly this time. sometimes jason's just so deflating!
I see that burrito blanket comment you got twittered there, mister. I've made the same myself.

Coincidence or not, I'm glad to see a propagation of blankets in burrito form.

Soon we will all be delicious.

Also, you gave up on the soap-lather-clothes way too easy.