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The Adventures of Mr. Brick
~a Zen historical romance~
Last update: 1st Jun 2017, 6:25 PM
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Travel back to 1896 and witness the birth of modern science! Experience a romantic tale of adventure told from the perspective of a brick. It's a Zen thing. Some meditation may be required.


Wesley Dickson
I am a teacher, a writer, and a long-time fan of comic books and the art of graphic storytelling. I have been playing around with my stories and characters for many years, sometimes doodling their adventures, but have only recently committed myself to drawing full time.

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Uh-Oh.. Yes, moving is pretty busy, I know too well, hopes things calm down again soon. But anyways, I'll be around :)
Hey! Good to see you again. Sorry I've been out of touch. Super busy lately. In fact, I've been packing and moving all week as I finished this episode. Am about to... pass... out...
Wow this gets weirder and weirder. I like that :D

Yes, please, adopt him..
HISTORIC NOTE #1: Chalcite is a naturally occurring mineral that contains uranium. Marie had observed, as she did with pitchblende (see ep. #7), that chalcite was more radioactive than uranium itself and thus hypothesized that another, unknown radioactive element was present. To test this hypothesis, she and Pierre created artificial chalcite (from uranium and copper phosphate) as a control. The fact that it was no more radioactive than the uranium further indicated the validity of her theory.

HISTORIC NOTE #2: The "fairy lights" scene is true. Marie first observed this phenomenon late one night when she was checking in on her lab and did refer to the radioactive glow as "fairy lights." In fact, she and Pierre would often go to the lab late at night just to marvel at their glowing samples. It was a proof that they were on the right track, and Marie likely felt that she had stumbled across something quite magical with her discovery.
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Thanks! I really appreciate that.