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Mr Cow
Barnyard bovine struggles to operate his own TV newschannel from a farm -- news at 11!
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A slightly befuddled cow attempts to run a TV news station out of an old barn, assisted by a farmyard assortment of dogs, sheep, chickens and toads.


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I love it
The world has undergone a number of shocks this year, and it's been a bit tricky to carry them over into the cartoon worlds I create and maintain. Most of them remain untouched: the Katara stories take place in another world and genre, and Stars 'n' Stripes are a very simple cartoon pair in their own reality. Mr Cow, on the other hand, was another matter entirely. Being that the series is about a cow running his own news station, one of the key elements, therefore, is the news and the handling of it. (Or mishandling, if you will.)

You can't talk about broadcasting the news if you don't address the news, even if you're going to parody or lampoon it. Politics, weather, sports, space launches, et al. Even so, some subjects I stay away from, such as murder, rape, pedophilia, etc, as they are just too grim and too touchy to handle delicately within the context of a humor strip.

But some events you simply cannot ignore. Covid-19 could not be ignored. The economy crash could not be ignored. Black Lives Matter could not be ignored. The deaths that initiated the outrage, protests and riots could not be ignored. They needed to be addressed in some manner within the context of Mr Cow's world. But am I able to do it with any proper degree of the sensitivity it requires? I don't know. This is my attempt.

Because I'm doing four or five ongoing strips, Mr Cow tends to lag a bit, which is why it's only now that I'm presenting these particular strips. I was still working on the covid strips when George Floyd was killed and the protests erupted, and it's taken me this long to turn out even these few. I hope these work, I apologize beforehand if they do not, and I sincerely regret my tardiness in coming to the table.
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Cow here! What's the scoop?

A good newscow always jumps for a whistleblower!
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Merry Christmas, everybody!!
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In case you're following the numbering of the strips and are wondering why we've suddenly jumped ahead about a dozen, no, you haven't missed anything. We're just adjusting the numbering, making it more accurate in preparation for the upcoming 1000th strip.
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