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Last update: 8th Apr 2020, 7:17 AM
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In The Meadow lives Mr. Flower, the bestest and most beautiful flower around.

Don't be a stinkbug, fire up your exploding apple laptop, and read Mr. Flower today.

Puns and silly antics abound. Updates usually once a week.

Most recent comments left on Mr Flower

I give him points for his Dark Lord speech but the laugh could have been better. 7/10 villain I guess. lmao
Although his destructive potential was quite high, haha.
and that's the end o' dat chapter.
Author Note
Oh wow. I do not remember other Mr. Flower's attempts at destruction but hey :D
Calling for a bunch of Mr. Clouds to call for Mr. Rain before this gets bad. This is getting awkward, lmao.
this will end well.
Author Note
Mr. Fire cracks me up :D
That is either complete Mr-flowerism or a higher level of awareness that can open way to Mr. Grass and Mr. Meadow. LMAO!

I feel like Mr. Lizard is somewhat cheap here but then what do you even say to that. At least get him a fire hose, not a puny sprinkler ;D