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Comic profile: Mr Flower
Mr Flower
Just a flower
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Comic language: English
Genre: Gag-a-day
Activity status: Active
Archive url: Visit archive
Last update: 5 days ago, 4:57 AM
Number of comics: 138
Number of subscribers: 87
Visitors: 14924 visitors (56292 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.99 (554 votes)

Comic description

In The Meadow lives Mr. Flower, the bestest and most beautiful flower around.

Don't be a stinkbug, fire up your exploding apple laptop, and read Mr. Flower today.

Puns and silly antics abound. Updates usually once a week.

Most recent comments left on Mr Flower

2 days ago
and even worse than "she loves me she loves me not".
Left on Forget me knots - by Dodom
Mr. Flower
5 days ago
Mr. Flower
the poor things.
Left on Forget me knots - by Dodom
5 days ago
That's a thing that happens to millions of flowers!
Left on Forget me knots - by Dodom
Mr. Flower
5 days ago
Mr. Flower
An awesome guest comic by Dodom

Thanks Dodom!
Left on Forget me knots - by Dodom
BA (Guest)
16th Feb 2018
You're welcome!

I'd say it depends on what you expect to achieve with the comic and what your goals are.

Is it for a message? For you? Or only for a specific audience?

From my perspective, I'd say it's best to strike a balance between both (social commentary and silly) since they are pretty much the essence of Mr.Flower.

But it really depends on what you want and what you enjoy the best when doing these strips. That is important too if you don't want to lose your integrity and artistic soul.
Left on Oopsie