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Just a flower
Last update: 11th Jul 2022, 12:16 PM
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In The Meadow lives Mr. Flower, the bestest and most beautiful flower around.

Don't be a stinkbug, fire up your exploding apple laptop, and read Mr. Flower today.

Puns and silly antics abound. Updates usually once a week.


What is a Killer Steak?
Is the About Me uncool to fill out these days? Awell.
Killer Steak is an aging handle for a bored bloke that's been on the internet for too long. Maybe Kartoonist Steak would fit better. If not too cliche.
I am a cartoonist. Or so I believe when I close my eyes and begin to day dream, it's hard to take on a title when I actually get so little done.
It's not from lack of making art. I am usually doodling or messing around with paint. Comics have taken a back seat, they are very demanding on me. Usually though I'll have gone long enough without doing a comic that I start to get a bug, a creative bug, and it forces me to push out an idea until finally it goes away and the process starts anew.
Is this pretentious enough yet. I'm submitting it, to hell with it all.

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