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Last update: 16th Sep 2022, 12:45 PM
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Started out as an archive of my alt-weekly strip from the mid 90s to the mid oughts. Then impending fascism drove me to start drawing new ones.


My name's Neal. I grew up in Denver, lived in Oregon for awhile, and now live in Minneapolis with my wife, our son, and our dog. I take care of the critters, draw some comics, practice Aikido, and so on.

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Definitely not Elon! haha
Thanks for the kind words! I would like to discuss your proposal. Please email me at nskorpen-at-gmail-dot-com
Hello, your work is awesome! I am a doctoral student and would like to use your photo in academic and community presentations. What you grant presentation.
We should probably just start again on Mars, but maybe not with Elon Musk at the helm ;D
I’m in favor of Housing First and Wet Housing.
Alcoholics get kicked out of housing if they drink. Wet Housing let’s them stay in supervised shelter while they still drink. It is controversial because people claim that letting them drink isn’t helping them. But it is better than letting them die in the street. And they actually drink less when they aren’t as miserable. And it costs less to keep them in housing with an on-site nurse than to put them in jail for vagrancy or send an ambulance to take them to the ER when they collapse on the street.