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Started out as an archive of my alt-weekly strip from the mid 90s to the mid oughts. Then something drove me to start drawing new ones.


My name's Neal. I grew up in Denver, lived in Oregon for awhile, and now live in Minneapolis with my wife, our son, and our dog. I take care of the critters, draw some comics, practice Aikido, and so on.

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I think the problem here is the idea that police are being portrayed as a cute dog that is tasked with "keeping the peace". Policing is an arm of state violence, and defunding is intended as a step towards abolition, not as a reform. We need to challenge the idea that police prevent crime and keep people safe, because in reality, their only purpose is to punish crime and protect state interests.
I'm glad (and amazed) somebody does!
I relate to this so much.
Thank you!