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Last update: 10th Sep 2018, 2:32 PM
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A comic about being stuck in an unfamiliar world that makes no sense to you and trying desperately to blend in. Oh, and there are aliens too.


Animation student by day; comic artist by night; total dork 24/7.

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And so, the chapter comes to a close! When I first started working on it I aimed to make it slightly shorter than chapter 4, and indeed it is... by exactly one page, heh heh.

As of now, the comic is on indefinite (but definitely temporary!) hiatus to give me a chance to write and thumbnail chapter 6 as tightly as possible (I admit I didn't *quite* do that with chapter 5 and that fact came back to bite me in the bum several times). I will, however, do my best to keep posting Mudskipper content on the comic's official blog and my Twitter. Thank you so much for reading!
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Good luck to those of you returning to school/college/university this week! Here's hoping your days off are more enjoyable than Katsuko's.
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Thanks for waiting, and thanks for reading!
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Twilight run.

This is Mudskipper's 200th page, posted just three days after its 4th anniversary - woo-hoo! Unfortunately, in a spot of bad timing I'm going to have to skip updating next week because of an unrelated project due on the 25th. The 201st page will go up on the 27th of August, so see you then - and whether you've been here for all of these four years or you're just joining us, thank you for reading!
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This is how you know they're aliens: no boss from Earth would be this sympathetic.
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