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Webcomic profile: My Date With the Countries
My Date With the Countries
A romantic comedy fan fiction gift~♥
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Language: English
Genre: Romance
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 29th Oct 2012, 6:59 PM
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Webcomic description

For those of you who don't know Hetalia and those of you who forgot, here is a quick summary: Hetalia features countries as people with personalities reflecting the general culture or stereotypes of the culture. Some have a bit of the author's taste added to them. The setting was in WW2 but there has been an anime movie made set in the present/ future ("Paint It White").
This fan fiction was a gift to a friend. I hope to finish it by this/ next year.
Harmony is a woman who is still single. Though she lives comfortably, she wants to have a boyfriend. The next day, 10 countries from an anime she liked magically appear insisting they were required to date her. Will Harmony choose someone in the end? Or is this all just a one day adventure full of food, laughs and hot guys?
Reads RIGHT to LEFT.


Just an artsy piggy dwelling in this massive universe~ :]

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Most recent comments left on My Date With the Countries

13th Oct 2012
Yep, I had a lot of fun drawin' those piggies. ♥
Left on pg 3
13th Oct 2012
Um... Tell me if the font is too small or difficult to read.
The last panel says:
Chibi-chama(old character never uploaded before): "What are you doing?! This isn't a horror!"
Piggy(me):Sorry. But Please keep reading.
Left on pg 2
8th Sep 2012
Ho ho~
I began this comic during my summer of freshman year, it's been a while. At the time (and now), I thought/ think the cover looks good.
At the very least I worked very hard on it. I didn't know how to use layers so the white outline on the text was done with a lot of zooming and careful hand-eye coordinated mousework.
I hope you guys and Harmony like it~♥ ^_^,,
Left on Let's Start With a Fun and Colorful Title Page~! ♥