My Evil Plan To Save The World
Either you die a villain or live long enough to accidentally become the hero
Last update: 4 days ago, 1:00 PM
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
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An unholy union of talking animals, criminal activity, crazy action scenes, Murphy's law and good old fashion cartoon violence.
(Rated pg-13)

Note: This comic was originally optimized for Smackjeeves, which supported larger image sizes. If you are having trouble reading the text, right click on the picture and hit "view image" to see the raw file. This will allow the use of your browser's zoom function.

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Hey everybody, you may know me as PDoogan
I've been looking for a new webcomic hosting site since SmackJeeves imploded.

I'm looking to upload my old comics here and possibly some new ones in the future!

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i mean... hes not wrong
Okay! Thank you!
Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately this series was not optimized for Comic Fury so the images do get rendered rather small. I can't really do much to fix this as the comic is already 100% complete and I don't have time to rework several hundred pages.

What I can suggest is right-clicking on a picture and choosing "view image" to view the .png from here you can zoom in as needed and see everything clearly.
I really like this series! The only issue is that the text on the pages is so small so most people can't read it. My suggestion is putting less items on the page or making the text bigger! Thanks!
ghost the shadoweon