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Webcomic profile: My Life In Comics
My Life In Comics
A comic glimpse into what I encounter in life
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Language: English
Genre: Real life
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 8th Feb 2019, 8:23 PM
Number of comics: 596
Number of subscribers: 43
Visitors: 40588 visitors (144691 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.94 (234 votes)

Webcomic description

We all have bumps in the road, excitement to share, or just random drama that happens in our daily lives. I began drawing this comic to help instill a habit of drawing every day. Now it serves a small reminder that no matter what shenanigans happens during the day, there's always something to learn from or smile at about your life. This, is My Life In Comics.


I'm a young artist based in Colorado Springs just trying to make her way through the world, catching as many adventures I can along the way. I love all things Sci-Fi and Fantasy. My goal is to become a published graphic novelist and hopefully be able to sell my art online and at conventions.

Check out more of my art here!

Most recent comments left on My Life In Comics

8th Feb 2019
The last week of management was so hard and showed me every reason as to why I needed to step down...I mean it just concreted itself to show it wasn't all in my head. But I had so many times where I was smiling and people couldn't tell because I was trying to hold it together or because I had an end date. I mean they're 2 different types of smiles, but they are very similar...
Left on Types of Smile
7th Feb 2019
I finally told my boss that I can't be a manager anymore. I can't handle the lack of breaks, the long work hours, the verbal abuse from customers, but most importantly...the lack of art time. I'm one of this people that gets cranky with a few things. Lack of food, Lack of alone time and Lack of art in my life. All three of these things have been just in the forefront of my life for a few months now and I finally had the strength to say, "I'm done! No More!"

So now I'll be just a normal associate, prepping and closing...a better position with so much less stress and more time to devote to my projects!
Left on Stress Bomb
6th Feb 2019
Hah! — I had another take on this type of situation.

Left on Finally Broken
6th Feb 2019
It's taken a while, but I can't handle all the stresses anymore! It's now time to take action against the day job!

And sadly, this isn't an exaggeration...this is how my job functions...
Left on Finally Broken
5th Feb 2019
It's really all I do... Pull way to long of work days and sleep so I can do it all over again...

I'm sorry, but the money isn't worth this dead soul feeling...
Left on Work And Sleep