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Webcomic profile: My Life With Cats
My Life With Cats
Weekly comic about queerness, gender and, most importantly, cats!
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Language: English
Genre: Real life
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 18th Apr 2016, 12:01 PM
Number of comics: 26
Number of subscribers: 3
Visitors: 14277 visitors (36912 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (5 votes)

Webcomic description

I come from a long ancestral line of cat lovers and a slightly shorter line of artists. In 2013-14 I lived in Stockholm, Sweden with a cat called Monster, who inspired me to make hir antics into a comic. Later, I decided to expand it to include even more cats, and some comics that were just me and my wonderful life.

Expect equally cute and infuriating cat stories, me raging at the patriarchy and the binary gender system, the life experiences of a penniless artist and witty parables of life with mental illnesses.


I go by many names, but for this comic I’ll stick with Pat.
I’m a polymath/jack of all trades with underdeveloped organising skills. Genderqueer/fluid/neutrois/agender/non-binary and pansexual/fluid. Labels are very complicated things, but then identity is complicated.

Mostly I work as a freelance/independent photographer, but every now and then my attention span wavers and I sink into a random project, like this one!

Most recent comments left on My Life With Cats

Sol (Guest)
16th Mar 2017
I feel that so much! it sucks how boring it is, too. like you come home exhausted and sad and theres not even a good story. just dat binary
Left on The gender binary happened
18th Apr 2016
I promise that isn't actually my body posture when I use the laptop. position is muuuuuuch worse. 8D

[Image description: Webcomic in four frames. All frames show Pat, a genderqueer person with blue hair, sitting in front of a laptop. There's a window in the background showing the progression of the time of day. First frame it's morning and Pat is thinking "Alright, stop refreshing Facebook. Time to work... but first I need a podcast to listen to..." Second frame, it's noon and Pat thinks "Oh hey, wouldn't it be rad to start up a local queer podcast station? I'll just set up a facebook group..." In the third frame, it's evening and Pat thinks "Oh! The vegan group wants to set up an art show! How rad! I have so many ideas already!" In the fourth frame it's nighttime and Pat's eyes are red and puffy. They think "Fuck. I forgot to work... and now I can't focus anymore..."]
Left on Forgot to work
4th Apr 2016
Yesterday, files leaked by The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists revealed a huge amount of power players in the world evading tax by storing money in tax havens. Among them was the current Prime Minister of Iceland.

So, today, there is a massive demonstration (which has actually been planned for some time anyway) calling for the disbanding of the government and an immediate re-vote. At the very least, we need the PM, the Financial Minister and the Interior Minister (who have also been connected to tax havens) to step down.

Lucky Emanúel doesn't have to worry about any of this, of course. The only thing he'll be worried about, as usual, is me being away from him. He really doesn't trust me to go out on my own.

More information on the political crisis can be found here

[]Support my work please! [/url]


[Image description: A webcomic in two frames. In the first frame, Emanúel, a large, striped cat is lying curled up, looking content. The text above reads: I often wish I was a cat. So free from worries... free from politics... In the next frame, Emanúel is stretching happily and next to him stands Pat, wearing a shirt with a red Anarchy logo and a short denim jacket. They are holding a sign that says VOTE NOW. The text above reads: to sleep peacefully while the rest of us have to fight for the right to freedom from corruption.]
Left on Time for a revolt
28th Mar 2016
Sorry everybody - due to the time it took to make three massive easter eggs and then the time spent gorging myself on one of them, I didn't manage to finish the comic for today. But, instead, I'm publishing a brand new banner!

I have a slightly altered version up on my facebook page as well.

Please consider supporting me through Patreon!
Left on New banner!
21st Mar 2016
Akkiles did literally spend days, if not weeks, PRETENDING to limp so that he would get all the attention, the love, and most of all, the chance to be carried everywhere.

If that isn't domination, I don't know what is.

[Image description: A webcomic in four frames. In the first frame, Akkiles, a black and white cat, is running happily along. In the next frame, he looks startled as he runs up to a house door that has opened and a pair of legs are stepping out of it. The person whose legs they are says "Akkiles!?"
In the third frame, Akkiles has stopped and is lifting his left paw up with a pleading expression. A different set of legs has arrived in the doorframe and the person is saying "You were running! We all saw it!" but Akkiles replies "I... no..." In the fourth frame, Akkiles is lying on his back with his tail on his stomach, looking up at the people with pleading eyes, saying "Please... just... hold me... it hurts..." The people say "You're not even limping on the same paw!"]
Left on The Great Reveal