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My little Shop
An adult comic about the fantasy Life of a Shopkeeper
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A fancy new comic Project from the Silver Soul Team.

This time staring... not actually Silver as a protagonist, but our good friend Asier, the red Dragon-Shark-Boye.

This one is quite a little bit different from the things we usualy did, and we all hope you can enjoy the wild adventures of Asier, and his little shop. Set in a wild and magical fantasy realm, he choose a quite interesting path for his life...


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That's not "My little Shop - Page 24" it is "My little Shop - Page 25" you have post "My little Shop - Page 24" as "My little Shop - Page 23" or do you have made a mistake by numbering ?
At a guess, tried to get a look up one of their robes/skirts or made some really lurid remarks about a fivesome.
Looks like everyone's favorite feline is in troubles...!

What do you guys think he did you earn all that anger?
Author Note
hmmm white/creamy stuff huh? :>