My Love From Another Planet!
A story about love and healing
Last update: 8th Feb 2022, 12:15 PM
Violent Content Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
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A story about love and healing.

Essie is just looking to heal from old wounds and maybe trust someone again. Kage is an alien who just wants to find the love of his life. Can they find what they need from each other? Or will it all fall apart?

*Please note this story may contain some upsetting or triggering situations*

(Update as of 7/24/2022: this comic is discontinued)


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The nice thing about it is it's not going anywhere and it will always be here waiting for you if you do decide to come back to it!
Awwwww! Maice, tysm! That's so sweet :) I didn't know how I was doing with conveying things, so this is helpful! Thank you :) Everyone commenting makes me wanna reconsider. Maybe someday...
Hey Shuffle! Just wanted to say I read your story and enjoyed it! You do a great job with showing Essie's character and it made me want to read more. Was getting interested in her past and all.

Anyway I know it's hard to find motivation for these things sometimes, but I hope you get around to continuing some day! It's pretty good.
Thanks! I like them too :)

I love the dot-cloud thought bubbles!