My Master is a Naga

Last update: 22nd May 2021, 8:02 AM
Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Occasional Strong Language
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My Master is a Naga is a R-18 comic about a servant named Klaus and his master, a naga, Naveen.

When Klaus walks in on his master, Naveen, pleasuring himself-- the year long unrequited love between the two finally manifests in a very physical way.
Join Klaus and Naveen as they finally consummate their relationship, discover they love lingerie, and generally be sappy, talkative messes at each other.

The comic contains 4 chapters and is heavily romance and character focused.

Comic is for ADULTS ONLY and is now completed thanks to my Patrons!


I'm DCS! I'm a full time comic artist who also enjoys making visual novels!

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This is a-dick-ting
Not a problem to ask! Helped me realize I should put a notice up about the book at the end of the comic for better business, so thank you!
Oh crap sorry for asking, my brain never considers when certain comics end XD
Hi everyone! Long time no see. I realize that some folks here don't realize this comic has been completed since 2017, but there's still lots of ways to enjoy the comic!

You can purchase the comic in book form here!
As well as other merch here!

The comic has also recently had a face-lift in PDF form, and will have a Spanish translation released soon via
(The improvements are mostly just to text size and placement. Art really hasn't been touched.)

And, yeah! I'm always glad to see folks still enjoying this comic, but I have so many more comics that I've worked on since this has finished, so I really hope you'll check out more of my work!

Here's a link on where you can follow me / check out more of my work!
Author Note
This is the end! The comic's been done for a long time, actually! I guess I should put up a notice about that and advertise the book :D
I have a TON more comics though, seriously!