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Webcomic profile: NORM KARSH MYSTERY BAG
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Content flags: Strong Language
Language: English
Genre: Gag-a-day
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 6 days ago, 9:07 PM
Number of comics: 23
Number of subscribers: 1
Visitors: 1334 visitors (2713 pages viewed)
Rating: 3.63 (30 votes)

Webcomic description

When cartoonist Norm Karsh released his first webcomic (“CONSPIRACY MF PRESENTS – VOLUME 1”) he included sketches as well as finished pages.

These “sketches” were cartoons that were finished more or less, but not quite up to the usual funky standard.

When Norm began releasing “CONSPIRACY MF PRESENTS – VOLUME 2”, he didn’t include the “sketchier work”… and so… IT IS COLLECTED HERE in the webcomic now known as “Norm Karsh Mystery Bag”.


LIKES: Fighting censorship, fostering dogs.
PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: Illustrator for the web video series "Conspiracy MF"
CURRENTLY: Illustrator for some webcomics including "Tendril Puppy"
WHERE TO TELL NORM HE ANNOYS YOU: He has accounts on Twitter, Gab, & Reddit

Most recent comments left on NORM KARSH MYSTERY BAG

16th May 2019
This had been in my webcomic “CONSPIRACY MF PRESENTS – Vol. 1”, but I removed it and I’m sticking it here. I had 3 ads in row for the video series “Conspiracy MF”, and that might have been overdoing it. This was the weakest of the 3.
Left on Old promo
16th May 2019
This had been the opening comic in my webcomic “CONSPIRACY MF PRESENTS – Vol. 2”, but I removed it and I’m sticking it here. It was one of the weaker illustrations in that comic and maybe not a good way to open the thing. I think it’s funny though.
Left on Carcinogen Sticks
25th Mar 2019
"Hands on deck"
I noticed that my last 3 comics in “Norm Karsh Mystery Bag” all prominently feature hands. It is true I like drawing hands. I wouldn’t call myself a gifted artist, but a really good tattoo artist was talking to me about the trouble he had drawing hands, and it looked like he did too. Not only can I draw hands pretty well, I air-brushed hands all over a car I had early on. The car was beat to hell, so I decided to experiment. I used my left hand as a model as I went around the car. My boss sold me the car she was trading in sometime after that. She was very straight-laced. I think she was probably a little weirded out by my driving a hand-mobile into work every day.
Left on Spock
29th Jan 2019
I was in such a rush to get a few drawings done in the run-up to the 2018 midterm elections, I forgot to give this guy a neck!
Left on Comic #2 for Laura Loomer
27th Dec 2018
LOL Aw but the commies helped to hold the nazis, at least.
Left on Thou Shalt Not