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bird and alien go places
Last update: 19th Oct 2021, 4:10 AM
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Diane wakes up from a strange dream about something coming to Earth. Was it just simple imagination or something else?


hi!! im cherry, i draw
currently working on mystery eclipse (chapter 3)

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hello everyone! heres page 47 :]
oh, fun fact! im planning to revamp this website's layout. its super outdated html and it just doesnt look good in my opinion.. i have basic knowledge with html and css (ive been working on a site i might reveal later) so perhaps ill get around to it sometime? im just not sure where to start lol
im sorry that i dont actually talk about what happens in the page in these author comments LMAO, but im excited for the next page!
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hi everyone! heres page 46 :]
Author Note
oof, yeah. its the sad truth lmao
Ugh I feel that. Frickin school gets in the way of art so much Dx.
hi everyone!! heres page 45, where things actually begin to happen
hopefully i can finish page 46 in much less time than it took me to make the previous 2 pages, we'll just have to wait and see how that turns out
also, heres a "bonus" comic i made while making this page:
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