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bird and alien go places
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Diane wakes up from a strange dream about something coming to Earth. Was it just simple imagination or something else?


Hello! I like keroppi, gorillaz, oliver tree and stuff i could carry on for about 40 mins.
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Wow, congrats!!
hey! sorry for the delay (and quality) on this page, schools been giving me a bunch of homework
also, happy (late) anniversary to this webcomic!! cant believe its been a year,,,
Author Note
for this page, i tried a different comic layout in panels 2 and 3, feel free to tell me if you like it or not!
Author Note
If it wasn't clear, my original questions were very pointed - the obvious answer was "Diane". In actual conversation my questions would be intended to make Sam realize that the answer to his question is pretty obvious. This doesn't work when you're talking to a screen, of course, but I follow the longstanding tradition of back-seat driving for characters that can't hear me. :P
I'm pretty sure Sam is just clueless, haha