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Myth City
The ancient gods, in mortal form.
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Remember the old gods from all the different legends? Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and all the others? They're still around, having been reincarnated in mortal form over and over again here on earth.
This story follows Shay, the 13-year-old reincarnation of the Egyptian lion goddess, Sekhmet, her friends, and her human family as they adjust to life in a city where almost everyone was once a god.


A gal with big dreams and a big imagination, who wants to get her ideas out there.

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So...just a heads' up guys, this is going to be the last new update for a week, maybe two. I've got a special project I've been meaning to get to, and I'm going to start working on it next week. Don't worry though, once I'm done, the comic will return to its normal schedule!
Author Note
Yep! I was finally able to work on a new page! I'm going to try to get back to updating the comic on a weekly bases, though I can't make any promises.
Author Note
And like that, the comic is FINALLY caught up to where it is on its other sources (Smackjeeves, my Tumblr blog, etc.).

Unfortunately, this might be the last update for a while...
Author Note
Hey, everyone. So, just so you guys know, this is my first time trying to do a webcomic so yeah...it'll be rough at first. I'm hoping that as I do this more and get more practice it will get better, but for now, just be nice and enjoy the story. Capiche?
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