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Natural Born Loser
Last update: 26th Mar 2021, 5:00 PM
Violent Content Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language
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You may wonder, what does it feel like to be looked down in your whole life. No one really understands or chooses to listen to you. And when they do is it pity? Is it a way to get to you and hurt you?
Phillip’s life seems like it’s a set track to misery, drugs, and alcohol.
To be judged on your name that you didn’t ask to be born with.
But will he be able to do a railroad switch on his life?
Can he change to be better?
We will have to see.

Content Warnings//

Violence, abusive themes, harsh languages, Drug Abuse


I am a 25 year old comic artist

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I apologize about the lack of updates ! Commissions are keeping me from working on pages plus I forgot my computer charger in Minnesota. But I bought a new charger and it’ll be here in a week.

Then I’ll be back to uploading 3 pages a week !
Author Note
This is so good 💙
I like this so far. I’m excited to see where it goes!
Phillip, you better be nice to my boy, Eric!
I'm very curious about the path this story will take,because one of these guys seems quite toxic from a relationship pov & the other acts like the stereotypical type who refuses to admit being in an abusive relationship😕