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Last update: 19th Jun 2020, 5:36 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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The prince of a royal family has died on his journey to find a powerful ancient weapon, of which its four pieces have been split up and hidden far apart in a fantastical wild African world. It falls upon his little sister to step into his place and complete this journey or risk the possibility the Heart Region's plunge into its dark ages.

Action & Adventure. Kids friendly 13+


Tryna make it.

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Yeah, it gets really hard to work out what you need versus what you can/should carry. I love how in video games, you can carry wayyy more than humanly possible just in like a little satchel or backpack. Or sometimes in absolutely nothing at all.
Thanks! Definitely a personal ride. Has a name and everything.
Yup. Nice and easy going. Elephants can carry a whole lot.
:') Thanks so much!
Whenever I see people in a comic going on a quest, it seems like nobody ever thinks about needing to bring supplies; and how much room/weight things really take up/have...