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(An Undertale AU comic)



You and others have been connected to a strange device that allows you to speak to a skeleton named Aster, who is lost in a void. Despite her cryptic statements and unwillingness to answer certain questions, it appears that she trusts the people speaking to her. Eventually, she reveals that there may be a way out of her situation—and that it will involve jumping backwards in time to her past.

[Negatedtale is an Undertale AU originating as an "askblog" on Tumblr that has evolved into an interactive comic where commenters communicate with the characters of the comic in order to help solve the mystery behind the main character's predicament and help her find her children out in the vast multiverse. Typically updates on Monday evening PST time! Flags apply to future pages.]


Fanartist, fancomic creator | she/her | Livedrawing from skeleton hell ❤️


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[EDIT 2: 2021 Update: Here
TL;DR: See you this summer? Thank you for your patience!]

[EDIT: March 2020 Update Blog: Here
I'm changing my approach to the comic a bit! Please read the blog for details. Stay safe out there!]

Originally there wasn't going to be this much interaction between Fay and Wingding during this chapter, but I'm glad I changed that if only to get the chance to draw that face on Fay.

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Late update this week, sorry about that! And I think this may be the first time Semi's been referred to by his name in-comic? Fay might've said it at some point during the child arc, I don't remember. Either way, he isn't specifically named often enough imo.

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Author Note
And we're back! Sorry for the long delay--between Kitten Hiatus, whatever Smackjeeves got up to, and the holidays, I just didn't have the time to get a new page out before the new year. I have been thinking a lot during the break from this comic about prep work that I can do for some upcoming pages and chapters that may help keep updates more consistent, even when life throws me some curveballs. I'll keep you all posted! In the meantime, welcome again to Negatedtale's new home, thank you so much for reading, and I'll see you with a new page soon!
Author Note
It appears someone is there
((And as of this page, the new website is caught up with the backlog! Hello new readers and subscribers, and welcome back to people who've been following along on Tumblr and Smackjeeves! For the new people, the comic has been on an unplanned hiatus over the past month because my family adopted two new kittens, who have been a literal and figurative handful. I love them very much, and it is hard to work on a comic when a kitten is climbing up your leg because they want to sit on your lap. Very adorable. (But also painful, because of the claws.) However, this has also given me some time to respond to...whatever the new owners of Smackjeeves think the site is now. I'd like to keep it as a mirror for now, but I'm liking how things are working out over here so far. So welcome to the new home of Negatedtale! I do my best to upload a new page every week, but as with all things, sometimes real life gets in the way. Any unplanned break longer than a week will be noted on the blog section of this site, and also mentioned in the author comment section of the most recent page. In the meantime, I have social media accounts you can follow to keep updated on the status of the comic and see other things I'm working on:

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And if you've liked the comic so far, consider giving it a vote on Top Webcomics! Right now I've got the unfinished sketch version of the Halloween image uploaded there, but I should have something newer up before long.

Thank you all so much for reading, and I'll see you all again with a new page soon! :D ))
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