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A comic about how some weird girls cope with things. Also there's demons. Updates on Saturdays
Last update: 3 days ago, 12:00 PM
Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
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The year is 19X9. Following her transformation into a vampire, demonologist-in-training Chelsea is shipped out of her university to Zeitgeist Academy, Soda City's premier school for monster girls. While the frequency of demonic phenomena rises, Chelsea attempts to investigate, whilst being forced to make friends with the eccentric students of ZA.


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Managed to do this one in a single day cause i was busy. I'm incredibly proud with how this one came out.
Author Note
I almost considered delaying this week's update because I have been very busy with a term paper, but since its literally been just 2 weeks I'd see it through and managed to get this lined and colored in about 8 hours over 2 days.
Author Note
This is my first time drawing a comic so I'm still getting a feel for how often I can update. I might potentially be able to do more than one page a week once freed up from college obligations.
Author Note
I wanna see what is that cute red eyed girl is gonna do and why does she wanna summon a demon!