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Last update: 27th Sep 2021, 9:08 PM
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Remember Neopets? Yeah, can't recommend it these days. That said, it's a guilty pleasure of mine.

Basically, it's slice of life anthro comics about a korbat living his life with various other Neopians.


Hello! I'm Jeremy 7, author and illustrator for LECTRO! and Pine Hill Creature Feature. My interests include drawing, video games, and monsters. And webcomics, probably because when I was growing up I couldn't find a comic store around my area.

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I think I'm done with Neopets. Thanks for the rec, but it's over.
Oh! I thought I'd pop over and recommend Neopets Classic - someone recreated Neopets in its 2007 form and is now updating and running it, but, like, with actual creativity and care. It's in closed beta right now, but if you want to try it signup links get posted on discord quite regularly!
First, you need to upload the image to where it's image address ends in the file type. Using the Upload Extra Files tab will help. Then you gotta copy the image address, and paste it within the image brackets that look like this without spaces:

[ img] [/img ]
ah yes.

such a good meme. btw i did see this on the meme it up forum and i made a meme but how do i post that image to it because ive never done it before
I just don't feel like making a Neopets comic with the events of last week right now. I mean, I want to continue the comic, but the site has gotten a hell of a lot more depressing. I'll probably reveal more about the ghost within 12 days, OR you could check the new cast page, which details my main six Neopets.
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