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Comic profile: NEON EDEN
What price, your Dreams?
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Content flags: Violent ContentSexual ContentStrong LanguageNudity
Comic language: English
Genre: Drama
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 11th Sep 2014, 6:28 AM
Number of comics: 6
Number of subscribers: 16
Visitors: 12035 visitors (40072 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (1 votes)

Comic description

A group of individuals come together over time to build a better tomorrow...maybe.



Peter Palmiotti
Peter Palmiotti
I've worked in the comic book industry since 1991 for many publishers. Mostly as an inker, now writing, penciling, podcasting, soon publishing and more.

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Richard Caldwell
A freelance writer and editor since the Fall of 2000, I served on the final Board of Directors for the Friends of Lulu nonprofit (promoting diversity in the Arts), and co-edited the Solestar graphic novel on behalf of the Naive Project (with all proceeds gone to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation). Among other things, I've written for the Ditkomania! fanzine, and contribute oddities to the one and only Heavy Metal Magazine.

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Peter Palmiotti
11th Sep 2014
Peter Palmiotti
As soon as I learn something new I forget 2 other things. Not happy with my lettering. Going to redo all of it from the start. Mostly to relearn how best to do it. Other then that, HEY, new page!!!
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Left on NEON EDEN pg. 4
Peter Palmiotti
27th Jul 2014
Peter Palmiotti
Having gotten my copy of Manga Studio 5 I am now able to letter and word balloon to my hearts content. ...though it will be sometime before I master it as you can glimpse by simply viewing these pages posted here.
Still, its good enough for the moment, I do hope you enjoy.
Left on NEON EDEN pg. 3
Peter Palmiotti
26th Jun 2014
Peter Palmiotti
Thanks @Stever! (I have to add a reply feature.. if I can figure that out! ha.) I'm giving it my best. :)
Left on NEON EDEN pg. 2
24th Jun 2014
Great looking strip. I really like the details like the wood grain or the cross hatching.
Left on NEON EDEN pg. 2
Peter Palmiotti
6th Jun 2014
Peter Palmiotti
And onto page 2!

I feel in some ways I'm putting out incomplete pages, well.. because they are. There's lettering that I decided to leave out for now. Mostly because I just ordered Manga Studio 5 and at the very least I'll be using it to do my word balloons. (coloring eventually.) But that a huge learning curve ahead of me so patience my friends.. I'll get this strip into shape before you know it.

The level of detail I'm putting into each page is a lot more then originally envisioned so I hope you appreciate that.. I think I'm going to just go with it.
Left on NEON EDEN pg. 2