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What happens when you get a group of artists together to do a webcomic one page at a time with no planning? Well, you get The Never-ending Story! a collection of vignettes that are our purist form of artistic expression. We have only a few rules between each other, mostly just to keep us from going too far. Every chapter will either be an entirely new story, or the sequel to any previous story, chosen by whomever is chosen to draw that page. But, mostly, each chapter will be its own, self-contained story.


I'm Rosie and I'm 22
I just got my BFA from MICA
My comic has not updated in a long time but it'll come back dw

Squib Shabbcc
This is a group account for a bunch of friends that call themselves "The Squib." We will be making a webcomic as a group.

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Squib Shabbcc
22nd Jul 2016
Took a while but finally punched this one out. Hopefully next time I'll manage my time better. Either way, it all started at Luna Base. . .

- Sophie
Left on 004 - It All Started at Luna Base
20th Jun 2016
Sorry this page took so long, there's really no good excuse. - Rosie
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