The Scribblings of Nib Mettaton

Last update: 3rd Oct 2021, 4:15 AM
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An UnderTale fancomic containing various short stories of Nib-Mettaton's adventures throughout cyberspace. Updates randomly, with uploads per chapter/bulk/story.

In a weird bout of caffeine-induced creative insomnia, a random Mettaton is reawakened as "Nib", and becomes an odd-ball outcode with no real purpose. Follow Nib-Mettaton's random (and often chaotic!) adventures as he travels through cyberspace to explore different timelines and alternate universes, all in the effort to enjoy musical creativity of the UnderTale fandom and, ultimately, discover and define the new version of himself.

Warning: Some stories will contain violent/dark content. Recommended for readers 13 yrs & older.


Hi, my name is Jellyfishin! I'm a hobbyist artisan crafter who's creativity runs on caffeine-fueled creative insomnia. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer. :)

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Bird travel is best travel. :)
at the HUMAN being carried by the BIRD (Look at username for full sentence)
Thanks! ngl, part of the body design was influenced by the design of Sunflowmon (from the Digimon series), but I stuck the TV head and flytrap tail in order to keep some of the Photoshop Flowey influences.
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed reading it! :)
Interesting you mentioned that! One of the things I wanted to explain in more detail (but leaving for a later chapter) is that the form is not as easily sustainable as a traditional Photoshop Flowey because of the influence of the life tree from Naturetale.