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The Scribblings of Nib Mettaton
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Content flags: Violent Content
Language: English
Genre: Fan-Fiction
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Last update: 2 days ago, 5:44 AM
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An UnderTale fancomic containing various short stories of Nib-Mettaton's adventures throughout cyberspace. Updates randomly, with uploads per chapter/bulk.

In a weird bout of caffeine-induced creative insomnia, a random Mettaton is reawakened as "Nib", and becomes an odd-ball outcode with no real purpose. Follow Nib-Mettaton's random (and often chaotic!) adventures as he travels through cyberspace to explore different timelines and alternate universes, all in the effort to enjoy musical creativity of the UnderTale fandom and, ultimately, discover and define the new version of himself.

Warning: Some stories will contain violent/dark content. Recommended for readers 13+ & older.


Hi, my name is Jellyfishin! I'm a hobbyist artisan crafter who's creativity runs on caffeine-fueled creative insomnia. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer. :)

Also a SmackJeeves refugee.

Most recent comments left on The Scribblings of Nib Mettaton

9 days ago
The song that Nib is singing here is "Mack the Knife" (from the off-Broadway show "The Threepenny Opera") as covered by Bobby Darin (there were others who did covers of the same song, but Darin's cover is considered to the be the definitive one). It is a strangely upbeat murder ballad about a thief and serial killer, whose actions are being compared to the ferocity of a killer shark. Given the time period at which Darin's cover was done, the song lyrics are sometimes erroneously interpreted to be the activity of a mafia hitman, which is why Nib overall chose to start off the show with that song.

Fun fact: Bobby Darin is also known for other popular songs such as "Beyond the Sea", "Dream Lover", and "Splish Splash (I Was Takin' a Bath)", which have a lot more tame and happy lyrics. But he seems to have this really odd penchant for doing upbeat covers of songs with more disturbing lyrics. If you're up to hearing another one of his disturbingly upbeat song covers, try searching up his cover of "Artificial Flowers" (from the musical "Tenderloin"), whose lyrics about about the horrors of child labor. O_o
Left on Curtain Fall - Page 6
9 days ago
Curtain Fall - Pennie's plans to help get Swapfell(Red)-Temmie and her human companion Chara out of debt results in Nib working for Swapfell(Red)-Grillby under less-than-favorable conditions.

Credit where credit is due: Swapfell(Red) AU is a community-driven/open Undertale AU, which a majority of the designed contributed by swapfellred-byziznine (tumblr).
Left on Curtain Fall - Cover
10 days ago
Mirrored Memory - The announcement of the Deltarune demo has sparked the creation of millions of new universes and timelines in the Undertale multiverse. It is no surprise that AU explorers have taken interest, Nib included. 'Tis a shame that Nib somehow manage to hit his head upon entering one and forget who he is.

(*Note: there's a weird jump in art quality between this chapter and the previous chapters because the previous chapters were a major revision of a work I did earlier. Apologies for the art quality drop here).

Credit where credit is due:
Left on Mirrored Memory - Cover
11 days ago
Sonderengel - Dragged into an unknown world, Nib encounters a tiny Mettaton who isn’t at all what he seems to be.

Credit where credit is due: Keyttaton [left] by celestial-weiner-dog (tumblr), Lockaton [right] by lunarian-lucas (tumblr)

(*Note: there's a weird jump in art quality between this chapter and the previous chapter, "Calamus Est", because the previous chapter was a major revision of a work I did earlier. Apologies for the art quality drop here).
Left on Sonderengel - Cover
Two weeks ago
A story highly inspired by the MTT-World comic scripted and drawn by lunarian-lucas (tumblr, now deactivated). When Nib encounters the Mettaton of the UnderFell universe, he’s in for a bit of a shock: this Mettaton somehow also has a dip pen like him!
Left on Calamus Est - Cover