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If People are Monsters, then Monsters are People
Last update: 24th Apr 2021, 2:01 PM
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My versions of horror characters doing stupid stuff that sometimes crosses the line twice or sometimes take other jokes (don't worry, I give credit). Updates randomly. Also on Tumblr and DeviantArt.


Hi, I'm Chrono Silverpen. I'm just an alien robot who makes a Nightmarish webcomic.

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i would've uploaded this one way sooner but I had lots of work to do oops
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Good GOD I am SO sorry I haven't updated for so long! I rebooted the webcomic recently with some all-new designs and some adjustments to the story, which can all be viewed on either my DA Account or the new character page on this site!

Also Headless Horseman said screw gender conformity lol.
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Hahahaha, it reminds me of me eating the glue in elementary school, the best is the glue stick UwU
I love this comic, I hope you can continue it :D
About time i make another one of these amirite

Based on a post from tumblr

also as you can see i redesigned the characters once more
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