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An Average Man Being An Above Average Hero
Last update: 18th Jan 2021, 5:00 AM
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Nite Stick is a web comic about an average man trying to become an above average hero. Starring a man without an super powers, high tech robotic suits, or magical abilities, Nite Stick is new to the world of crime fighting and armed only with his bow staff stick weapon takes to the streets to become the hero O'Ville City needs. Along the way Nite Stick will learn what it takes as he is helped out by fellow more experienced super heroes from around the city and beyond. A light-hearted take on the world of comic books Nite Stick likes to use our favorite time tested cliches and story elements to tell an enjoyable tale of super heroics and every day life of a lovable hero.


A lover of all things super hero. Comics, movies, cartoons, TV series, video games, everything. Wanting to create my own little world within all of that filled with characters, spoofs, stories, and whatever else pops into my head while trying to work on and improve my comic style.

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"Issue 12: Page 9" - Boy these two Grinches never stood a chance did they?! Somewhere along the line I kind of lost sight of keeping this issue down to a respectable amount of pages to keep it closer to the Christmas season and boy did I fail at that! So to make up for it I tried making it come off as both a Christmas special and an average day at the office for Nite Stick. I have a strict rule for when I start cutting off Christmas media and we are now about past that date. Guess I better wrap things up here then!

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Author Note
Man these puns are going to get cold fast. *hit in the head by Nitestick's stick for making the worst excuse of a pun yet.*
I was expecting something more like Tor the shuttlezord. And yeah mixing mmpr and tmnt can go very poorly. Just look at the next mutation/in space crossover
Scorpina huh? No doubt a totally random name and not a reference at all.
The Tap Cave's logo reminds me of a certain Juicebar