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Comic profile: Nite Stick
Nite Stick
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Content flags: Violent Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today, 4:00 AM
Number of comics: 42
Number of subscribers: 2
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Comic description

A web comic with a light hearted take on the world of super heroes starring a man with no powers or high tech suits trying to make the city safer.


A lover of all things super hero. Comics, movies, cartoons, TV series, video games, everything. Wanting to create my own little world within all of that filled with characters, spoofs, stories, and whatever else pops into my head while trying to work on and improve my comic style.

Most recent comments left on Nite Stick

"Space Cases" - With Psygore located the new power couple Nite Stick and Orange Jewel are heading out on their mission to save their friends and the entire world. Nite Stick is still pretty new to the world of crime fighting so makes sense that this would be his first trip into outer space and would be a little nervous about it. Thankfully OJ is a pro and knows just what to say to calm his new friend.
Left on Space Cases
3 days ago
"From Concentrate" - Nite Stick has taken Orange Jewel back to his super secret and high tech lair, his apartment he calls the Stick Pad, to regroup after their last encounter with Psygore. It is here that not only do they receive info on where he is hiding, but Nite Stick also learns the nickname of Jewel's intergalactic force. Now to be fair, if you were going to make a space age light year traveling law force with the objective to hunt down the galaxy's worst escaped criminals, you probably don't want to rely on the same abbreviation as a well known breakfast drink. Then again if you can turn my brain into jelly then you can call yourself whatever you want!
Left on From Concentrate
5 days ago
"Always Room For Jelly" - The Orange Jewel has saved the life of Nite Stick and even pushed back the alien invasion, however our Sticked Crusader isn't too pleased. Because now that Psygore has retreated back into outer space there is no telling where he took the world's heroes. Maybe if these two could quit arguing and discussing sandwich spreads for a minute they can figure out a new plan.
Left on Always Room For Jelly
One week ago
"Enter The Orange Jewel" - Never judge a book by it's cover! Nite Stick thinks he sees a cute adorable little guy and nearly gets zapped back to last week. Now he's laying there with a mild concussion unable to defend himself as Psygore is ready to hit the kill shot. But thankfully back up has arrived. That's right kids its a team up issue because we have here the Orange Jewel and he has the power to match Psygore. So much in fact that the evil alien invader has been pushed back. What does that mean for Earth or the heroes left on the ship? Come back next time as we continue on with Issue #4!
Left on Enter The Orange Jewel
10 days ago
"Welcome To Earth" - It's the moment the entire world has been waiting for. Their first look at a real life space alien and boy is it ever adorable! Like a little tiny pink stuffed animal....with powerful psychic laser blasters! Nite Stick let his guard down from the surprise cuteness but hopefully he has learned his lesson because after all this adorable little guy is here to enslave all of mankind.
Left on Welcome To Earth