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Webcomic profile: Nite Stick
Nite Stick
An Average Man Being An Above Average Hero
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Content flags: Violent Content
Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today, 4:00 AM
Number of comics: 68
Number of subscribers: 4
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Webcomic description

A web comic with a lighthearted take on the world of super heroes starring a man with no powers or high tech suits trying to make the city safer.


A lover of all things super hero. Comics, movies, cartoons, TV series, video games, everything. Wanting to create my own little world within all of that filled with characters, spoofs, stories, and whatever else pops into my head while trying to work on and improve my comic style.

Most recent comments left on Nite Stick

"Speak Softly And Carry A Big Stick" - I some how don't think beating a police captain over the head with a big metal stick was what Theodore Roosevelt had in mind when he came up with his phrase. Nite Stick isn't going to let this menace thing go and turns to his buddy Captain Hybrid for some helpful advice. Good thing too because hopefully cooler heads have prevailed and the Sticked Crusader will simply just try and talk things out. I wonder how much Captain charges for babysitting?

Left on Speak Softly And Carry A Big Stick
3 days ago
"According To The Chart" - The OPD press conference continues as Captain Davis tries to convince O'Ville City that Nite Stick is the entire reason behind all the city's crime rate problem. Liz VanDingle is on hand and as always is trying to get to the core of the issue as she would like the facts behind the captain's claim. As is the case with any conference there are super official graphs to prove their points, but I'm sure Captain Davis was not expecting anyone to spot the time lines lining up, but that's why Liz is the city's #1 reporter.

Left on According To The Chart
One week ago
"Bad News" - Nothing like a good hot shower after a long hard night of work to get you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Or in Nite Stick's cause, a half a dozen showers, because battling the Grill Master will leave you charred and flame broiled. Now that he is feeling clean and fresh Nite Stick wants to take in all the cheer and admiration that will no doubt be given to him on the local news after saving the day yet again. But it looks like the local law enforcement doesn't appreciate our Sticked Crusader as much as he would have hoped.

Left on Bad News
10 days ago
"He's On Fire" - Crime never stops in O'Ville City and neither does Nite Stick! Here we are already in the midst of a big time fight scene and we are only just starting Issue 6. Leave it to that no good Grill Master to try and hold up and rob the O'Ville City Banker King but by the looks of it the Sticked Crusader has the situation well in hand! Yet another dirty crooked criminal taken down with a serving of justice thanks to the never ending crusade of our favorite stick wielding hero. Even if it resulted in a pair of flame broiled trousers. I wonder if fries comes with that?

Left on He's On Fire
Two weeks ago
"Issue 6: Menace To Society" - Everyone's favorite Sticked Crusader is back is a new issue ready for yet another adventure! Nite Stick has fallen out of favor with the O'ville City Police Department who has labeled him a menace to everyone in town. How will Nite Stick handle this new working relationship with local law enforcement? Can everyone learn to work together for a common goal? Or is our hero's days numbered? Find out in Issue 6: Menace To Society, available at the same Stick time, same stick channel!

Left on Issue 6: Menace To Society