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No Adult Supervision!
A dozen teens live under the same roof and things definitely go wrong.
Last update: 27th Nov 2020, 1:05 PM

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So, we've got an unreasonably large number of teenagers and no one else living under the same roof, and everyone else in the world just lets that slide. Did anyone consider the consequences? No. Chaos, amateurism of living the simple middle-class lifestyle, you name it - stuff like that shouldn't be allowed. Yet, it's happened. And surprisingly enough, those kids aren't even doing that bad...


I like to make comics. I'm just starting out actually working on major projects. Hoping to make more in the future :D

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And they say the internet isn't as reliable as it's made out to be. Not in this strip, though.
Also, I apologise for the different format! From now on, strips over 8 panels will likely go like this...
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Is it really true that throwing spilt salt over your shoulder prevents you from bad luck?
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The urge!
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