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My Life Without A Jetpack
If I don't have a jetpack, I'm making comics.
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Comic language: English
Genre: Real life
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 3rd Aug 2018, 2:00 PM
Number of comics: 268
Number of subscribers: 21
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Rating: 4.87 (38 votes)

Comic description

My Life Without A Jetpack is a biographical webcomic about MaGnUs' life, written by him, with art by Taibox (and sometimes colored by Mindy Lopkin). Published weekly in English and Spanish.


Martín A. Pérez (AKA MaGnUs) writes short stories, articles, comics and radio plays. One of his short stories has been published in the book Contagion: War Stories, and an essay of his apears in "Teenagers from the Future: Essays on the Legion of Super-Heroes.". His articles have appeared online or in print magazines like Inforol, Ururol, Kryptonian Cybernet, and Strange Days, while he's currently writing for GeekGirls Online, G.A.S. Comics, and other sites. He co-produces and co-hosts a radio show about comics and related subjects, Perdidos en el Eter. An active part of Uruguay's fan scene, he's one of the creators of Montevideo Comics, the first local convention (since 2002), and one of the founders of Caballeros de Montevideo, which promotes RPGs through charity events. MaGnUs works in tech support, and is happily married to his wife Cindy, with whom he has a son, Gabriel, who ever since his birth has been marked to become yet another nerd... just like daddy!

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3rd Aug 2018
My Life Without A Jetpack - The Heat Of Battle

In case you don't know, what I was drinking (and spilled on myself) was a mate, a sort of herbal tea popular in Uruguay and other parts of South America. The water is quite hot, and I got a pretty nasty burn, hence the loud wail. I screamed like a pig.

Music this time is "Food Fight On The Moon", by the Aquabats, from their 2011 album "Hi-Five Soup":

Left on 176 - The Heat Of Battle.
22nd Jun 2018
We just published the newest issue of our short comics anthology, GAS3K.8. As usual, we've included a Convention Special episode of Jetpack, featuring something that happened at, well, a comic book event. I invited my friend Philippe Girard, comic book creator from Québec, Canada, to draw this one. Incidentally, he was at this event in Montevideo that year, and this year he visited us again, right after I visited his country for a comics festival (and I'll have tales from it at some point). These guys had a weird mix of kilts, viking shields, and Celtic face paint, and are part of a softcombat or battle combat team, a sport that simulates melee combat with foam-padded weapons. By the way, my Odin has both eyes because it's pre-drink from the Well of Mimir.

This time the song is "Blackstar", from the David Bowie's 2016 posthumous album of the same name:

Left on Special: Allfather.
23rd Mar 2018
I have beautiful memories from lunches at my grandpa Carlos' (he was my mom's father). The food was great, he taught me to like tonic water, and he always had some kind of sweet or candy to give me. In fact, I called him "Grandpa Candy". He also told the best stories about his childhood and teen years, and while some might have been embellished, they were still great. I wish he'd told me stories about the trip to Europe he took in the late 40s or early 50s, but back then I didn't know it, or I wasn't as interested, so I never asked.

One of my favorite stories was the one he told me about the first time he saw an airplane. He was born in 1909, so he probably saw one at some point in his childhood (the first plane to fly in Uruguay did so in 1910). Grandpa said he was afraid it was going to fall out of the sky and eveybody was going to die. Imagine seeing such thing for the first time!

He was a lawyer, but also a literature teacher, so he had a very large book collection. Again, since he died when I was 12, I wish I had appreciated the kind of books I saw when we emptied his house. But I know the books were used for a good end: they were donated to the public high school where he used to teach.

Another cool story, one he didn't tell me himself, but I learned years after his passing: he used to work with my father in law. My wife and sister in law would visit the office as little girls, and he would give them candy. Maybe some from the same batch he'd bought and given me. My wife's family and mine had been connected long before we met (and there's more to that connection, but I'll tell you another day).

One more thing to add: I wish he'd been able to read the stuff I've written. I'd love to share it with him.

Music this time is "Patience", from the Guns N' Roses' 1988 album G N' R Lies:

Left on 175 - Commanding Voice.
16th Feb 2018
Not much to say, but we learned a lot in this trip. That doesn't mean we can't have fun at the same time, obviosuly. If you can visit Cusco, Machu Picchu, etc, go, it's highly recommendable. We also explored the catacombs at Lima's Cathedral, where they buried the dead, etc. Awesome.

This week's song is "A Little Respect", by Erasure, because 1988 saw their album "The Innocents" released, and I cannot avoid playing Erasure if I can:

Left on 174 - Subliminal Message.
26th Jan 2018
First strip of 2018! Now My Life Without A Jetpack is six years old as of last december! Hope everybody had a good start of the year. For some reason, this strip also belongs to my early teenage years, just like the last two. I only had that pen, who knows why, but I also loved to imagine I was a Green Lantern while I used it. Tai's drawing of my notebook doesn't actually show it, but when I had this little daydream, the page was actually completely full of text, very dense text. You see, I had a civics teacher who didn't actually teach class... she just stood there and dictated her notes to us for an hour or two, page after page after page. That was loads of fun. /sarcasm

One more thing, reading green ink is not good for your eyesight.

Music this week is... not from Green Day, worry not, even though Dookie came out in 1994. I chose something from another album I like from that year, Weezer's eponymous album (also know as the Blue Album), "In The Garage". It doesn't mention Green Lantern, but it does mention X-Men, roleplaying games, and other nerdy things. It is also the anthem of my podcast, because we also used to tape it in my garage:

Left on 173 - In Brightest School Day.