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Enter a world not so different from our own. Well almost. And follow along a cast of anthropomorphic characters sent away to the Halls of Norembridge Height's Asylum where Strange and curious events lay hidden behind every corner.

We begin the journey through the eyes of Fright a wayward looking cat who's real identity has been lost to him. Confused, broken, and dropped into the middle of a madhouse Fright looks to rediscover his past. Though he may find the task of rediscovery more daunting as his search for answer may break him more before building him up once more.


Greetings! It's a pleasure to meet you.
I'm Israel Castro and here's what I do. I create comics. It's about an Asylum. It's got an anthropomorphic cast of Characters. It's genre is hard to pin down but I am mostly aiming for
a whimsical dark comedy horror. Fun mix no?

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Stranger and stranger, as we go on!
[Colored Version here] => [https://www.norembridge.com/comic/2020/11/23/norembridge-chapter-07-15=en]Norembridge[/url]

Welcome one and all to my anthropomorphic comic of potential psychological horrors and quirky antics.

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Returning to our tale of manic mysterious we rejoining Fright once more as he is confronted with a haunting red thread.

(New to the webcomic?) For any new readers out there, here's a small synopsis. Set in the late 1950s we follow the life and times of several Asylum patients and their various roads of recovery within the gargantuan medical institute of Norembridge.

For those who desire to read on in full color. You can visit my webcomic's main homepage right over here: Norembridge Website

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((And this is a ballpark estimation) My posting schedule usually follows the rhythm of 2 weeks of posting 1 week of rest. Give or take depending on circumstances but ideally that is what I try shoot for when releasing pages.)

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X3 hah. Yeah I was going with a movement trail. Though your idea may be fun to put in somewhere down the line.
A lot of Fiber.
In this case, no. She merely caused him to faint with the unfortunate side effect of stairs. Though she may not have intended it.