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Last update: 3rd Nov 2021, 3:09 PM
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Enter a world not so different from our own. Well almost. And follow along a cast of anthropomorphic characters sent away to the Halls of Norembridge Height's Asylum where Strange and curious events lay hidden behind every corner.

We begin the journey through the eyes of Fright a wayward looking cat who's real identity has been lost to him. Confused, broken, and dropped into the middle of a madhouse Fright looks to rediscover his past. Though he may find the task of rediscovery more daunting as his search for answer may break him more before building him up once more.


Greetings! It's a pleasure to meet you.
I'm Israel Castro and here's what I do. I create comics. It's about an Asylum. It's got an anthropomorphic cast of Characters. It's genre is hard to pin down but I am mostly aiming for
a whimsical dark comedy horror. Fun mix no?

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The muffin man! Aye I remembered that scene. Glad to see you out and about Extraro.
A Shrek joke.
“@Extraro. ”
The Muffin man?
Well thank you kindly dear guest. It means a great deal of cheer to have seen this comment. Haha I do suppose the comic can come off as quite an odd blend of themes. Faith/belief plays a foundational role within the minds of Norembridge. Especially as it comes to Fright. His past is almost completely veiled in a mist inside his mind. Yet few things are strong enough a memory trigger as to pierce it's way through the thickest fog and back into recollection. Faith is one of them. As I believe it is a strong enough anchor in many ways but especially in memory. Even from a purely psychological stand point, It attaches faces, family, friends, or even moments (High points, low points, hardships, and hopes.) As the story progresses I do intend to show the good of faith vs the coldness of religious mindsets. This will always be at odds in the story. But I'm getting ahead of the plot. Fright has a foundational setting from his past concerning Jesus but now goes out to find who Jesus is for himself. In this now more personal walk. But all that aside. I'm very glad you've enjoyed the story thus far! I'll certainly keep doing my best in positing these updates and thank you so very much for your support.
i just finished reading through everything so far. i really like this comic! it's unlike any comic or even book i've ever read, because furry webcomics might be one of the last places you'd expect to see Jesus mentioned, let alone this positively. and the way you implemented him is super interesting! i also like how logical Fright is. i'm very invested in him as a character and this comic as a whole.