The Not-so-Merry-Friends’ Guide to Mental Health
Your guide to dealing with mental illnesses and recovery
Last update: 28th Jan 2016, 3:47 PM
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A companion piece to GAD Girl. This focuses more on information and less on plot. There are three sections- Recovery, Illnesses, and Helping.
Recovery: Tips, anecdotes, and coping methods
Illnesses: Symptoms, extra explanations
Helping: Crash course guides to mental health first aid and how to help others


M R Boggs
M R Boggs
Some kid with an internet connection and comic ideas of varying quality. Very enthusiastic about dinosaurs and creepy crawlies and would rather explore the deep sea than deep space. Lives in a house infested with rats on purpose and trains them in preparation for taking over the world someday.

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M R Boggs
haha true! medication can help a great deal, but it's not for everyone.
40 mg of Propranolol handles things nicely...
M R Boggs
What to do in this situation? I have found a couple options:
1. Ask them like Gigi does (which might not work because then you worry they are mad at you for being clingy, but it avoids a lot of misunderstandings)
2. Internalize it all like Sunny which is not a good idea. This is a Bad Idea, avoid it.
3. Stop doing whatever you think they are mad at you for doing. This can be good because it might result in you actually doing the dishes or something, or it can be bad because you stop doing something you liked doing. Be careful when using this method.
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M R Boggs
People with anxiety tend to think of possibilities as having already happened. Ethan is worrying that he has the capability to stab someone so he subconsciously is treating that as if it has already happened and has moved on to worrying about being arrested.
These kinds of "I could stab someone or shout something really offensive" thoughts are called "intrusive thoughts," and while everyone gets them to some extent (Poe called it the imp of the perverse) people with OCD get them more and are more affected by them. Compulsions are fueled by them.
Compulsions are the repetitive actions people make to try and get rid of intrusive thoughts, and they realize they are weird but cannot help themselves.
Author Note
M R Boggs
He should use those pokemon cards as bookmarks.
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